Broken Record

Album: On a Mission (2011)
Charted: 8
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  • This trancey, jungle tinged number is the third single released by British R&B and dubstep singer-songwriter Katy Brien, who records under the name of Katy B. Brien's first two releases were about clubbing but this song finds her in a more romantic mood. She told AOL Music: "It's about being in a relationship and being scared of losing someone, which is slightly more 'lovely-dovey' than my other songs which are all just about being in a club!"
  • Brien discussed the song's music video with AOL Music: "It took two days and was really fun. They had to build an entire set of a hotel room in Fabric [the nightclub] and I also had to a bit of acting, which was a great experience because my other videos were just me walking around. Although I did do a bit in the 'Perfect Stranger' video too…"
    AOL asked Brien if she enjoyed making the video. She replied: "Yeah, except the director made me run around the block three times so I looked genuinely out of the breath! I was seeing stars around my eyes! It was also very hot so I moaned a bit, but I enjoyed it really. When I was young I used to act a bit. Maybe I'd be doing that if it wasn't for the music."
  • Brien explained her song writing process to CMU: "Because I work closely with producers who make instrumental music too, I usually get given a template of a track and whatever emotion the beat draws out of me I write about."


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