Album: Warrior (2012)
Charted: 70 27


  • This Dr. Luke produced track finds Kesha giving a 'C'mon' to a man she fancies. "C'mon 'cause I know what I like. And you're looking just like my type. Let's go for it just for tonight," she sings. The Die Young songstress described the tune as "a ridiculous song about running around with the guy you like and acting like a jackass."
  • The song was one of several tracks on Warrior where Kesha teamed up with Dr. Luke. The hit-making producer told MTV News that they wanted to shake up her sound on the record. "There's a lot of up-tempo music there, but there are definitely some very raw songs in there with not a whole lot of production," he explained. "She's singing songs with no doubles on it from the beginning to the end of the song, which you never hear in music anymore. She has a stellar voice, and it's funny that a lot of people haven't realized that, but they will now, for sure."
  • The Darren Craig-directed video finds Kesha working as a waitress in a shabby diner, recalling her early days when she scraped a living by waiting on tables to subsidize her fledgling music career. Things get surreal when she quits her job and embarks on a psychedelic journey in a green van dubbed the "Dream Maker". We then see Kesha entering a fantasy party full of people in animal costumes. "She is from Nashville and she grew up working her ass off and really had to work hard to get where she is," Craig explained to MTV News. "So we wanted to show this idea of this small-Southern-town girl working in this Southern diner who was just really unhappy and how we could blast out of that lifestyle and into this other alternate dimension and really move more into Planet Kesha."
  • Craig explained to MTV News regarding the animals behaving like humans in the video: "These furries, my vision and Kesha's, was that we wanted them to be the derelict version of kid-show characters who are drunk and playing dice in the park."
  • The song was co-written by Katy Perry's frequent collaborator Bonnie McKee. "When I came in, they had already kind of started it," McKee recalled to MTV News. "And then we kind of started getting into the visuals and the verses. And again we were at the Maxi Mart, I think, at the corner [when it happened]. And I was really proud of the saber-toothed tiger line and 'sipping on a warm Budweiser' and all that. So it was a really fun song to write with her."


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