Dirty Love

Album: Warrior (2012)
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  • Kesha cited Iggy Pop's 1977 debut solo long player, The Idiot, as one of Warrior's main musical influences when she was constructing the album's sound, so it's not a major surprise that she ended up collaborating with the veteran rocker on this track. Speaking with UK radio station Capital FM, the singer described the experience of recording with Iggy as "insane."

    She continued: "It was amazing because, for me, saying something nice about someone, that's being polite. But to actually [work]... with someone that's putting both of your names and making a piece of art together, and you kind of have to respect one another for that.

    So I obviously respect the hell out of him, but for him to respect me enough to actually put his name on something and collaborate with me was incredibly flattering as an artist."
  • The song finds Kesha sporting a rockier tone to her vocals, influenced by her love of '70s music. While the "TiK ToK" singer's previous records were dominated by synth sounds and Auto-Tune, she included more guitar-based songs on Warrior. Dr Luke, who produced much of the album, explained to Billboard magazine how she changed up her style for the set. "You're going to hear her voice more," he said. "She asked for less production tricks and stuff like that this time. There are more guitars on the record now, too; on (Animal), Kesha was the one who told me, 'Under no circumstance will I have any guitars on the record.' That wasn't really my call. So we made those (songs) without guitars. This record we're allowed to use a little guitar."
  • According to Kesha's track-by-track commentary, she loves this song "because we're just screaming about sex."
  • Kesha once appeared with Iggy Pop in an ad for PETA to protest the clubbing of seals in Canada.
  • Kesha's mom, Pebe Sebert, is one of the writers on this track along with Kesha, Iggy Pop, and the track's three producers: Matt Squire, Cirkut, and Dr. Luke. Pebe started writing songs in the late '70s, about 10 years before Kesha was born. She also worked in artist development and offered her expertise to Kesha. Pebe and Squire worked with another young singer around this time as well: Ariana Grande, who was 17 when they co-wrote her song "Pink Champagne."


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