Album: High Road (2019)


  • This acoustic country-tinged ballad finds Kesha reflecting on her resentment towards a lover who has done her wrong.

    I don't hate you babe
    It's worse than that
    'Cause you hurt me and I don't react
    I've been building this thing up for months

    Kesha is holding onto her negativity that was created by the unspoken trauma. The singer said: "Resentment is such a powerful and destructive emotion and in my experience is more complex than hate or anger."
  • Kesha is joined on the track by the LA-based songwriter Wrabel, Beach Boys legend Brian Wilson, and country singer-songwriter Sturgill Simpson.
  • The song was originally written by Wrabel, Madi Diaz, and Jamie Floyd, with later co-writing from Kesha. It was produced by John Hill.
  • The song's grainy visual is an intimate self-shot video recorded by Kesha on her iPhone 11 Pro.
  • Q Magazine asked Kesha how she persuaded Brian Wilson to come on board for this song. She replied: "Pet Sounds changed my life, so he was always top of my list of people I would love to collaborate with, but I never thought in a million years he would (a) know who I am or (b) take the time to collaborate. But if you don't ask you'll never know, so I threw it out there in the universe. When I heard his vocals I just broke down crying because I never thought it would actually come to fruition."


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