It's Love

Album: Faith Hope Love (1990)


  • This song was written by King's X guitarist Ty Tabor, who also handles lead vocals on the track. With a straightforward message - "It's love that holds it all together," he calls it, "one of those socially conscious songs." Says Tabor, "I just had to say it."
  • Regarding the line, "There's a ship on the ocean and I can't decide if I like it," Tabor explained, "My point was, man's progress is wonderful and everything, but when the ship turns over and poisons all the fish, that's not so wonderful. So, it was me contemplating all that we do and all that I'm happy with about it, but how much destruction it causes." (as related in Greg Prato's King's X: The Oral History)
  • The video uses compositing techniques that look dated but were perfectly acceptable for the time. The band is shown in a real plane, but also in some kind of cosmic barber chair. For the "ship on the ocean" line, a giant head emerges from the ocean, crowned with a ship. Tabor wanted to make the line fairly obvious.


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