Love Like This

Album: In a Perfect World (2013)


  • This song finds Kodaline lead singer Stephen Garrigan coming to terms with a breakup and realizing that the love he had could not last forever. Garrigan writes very personal songs, often pouring his heart out in the lyrics. The band, which formed in 2011, were good friends long before they started making music together and often discuss their problems. This helped keep Garrigan's bandmates connected with this song. "We empathize with Steve because we've been friends for years," drummer Vinny May told us.
  • Drummer Vinny May and guitarist Mark Prendergast wrote the music for this song with Garrigan. He told us how it came together: "Steve got a mandolin. He found an old mandolin and then we just wrote the song. He wrote the chords, and when he played it to us, we rehearsed and we played the song straightaway, so it just felt right. We found it's a song that we really enjoy and we love playing live - it gets a great reaction, so we really wanted to keep it on the album." (Here's our full Vinny May interview.)


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