by Korn

  • This song is about lead singer Jonathan Davis' drug problems (mostly amphetamines); how he would feel scattered when he was under the influence. It's a track from Korn's first album, which Davis says was easy to write because he had his whole life experience to draw from (all 22 years of it). And while he sings about finding a way to cope with the drugs on this song, he didn't sober up until 1998, motivated by an incident where his son saw him drunk.

    Davis would later get addicted to the anti-anxiety drug Xanax, which required rehab.
  • This was the first track on Korn's first album, and also the first single from the album. It became one of their most popular songs, and helped the album sell over 2 million copies in America.
  • Korn's songs are written with contributions from all members. Their guitarist, Brian "Head" Welch, has fond memories of this one. In our 2013 interview, he said: "That was a crazy time. We were over in the Malibu Hills and this dude, Chuck, had this studio - it was in the hills and it was all like vintage stuff. This guy's like a mountain man, he had a big old beard and he was kind of a mad scientist up there.

    We went up there and camped out there for a month - they had living quarters and everything. We hung out there and developed this sound, Korn, with Ross Robinson, the producer. It was just amazing how it all came together."
  • The first video Korn made was the one for this song. It was directed by McG, who would later become famous for his work producing/directing movies (This Means War, We Are Marshall) and TV shows (Chuck). He directed three more Korn videos: "Clown," "Shoots And Ladders" and "Faget."

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  • Zero from Nowhere, NjOh btw, Ryan Shuck, later the guitarist for Orgy was the one who co-wrote this song. I don't know if anyone from Adema was in SexArt; though they might have been.
  • Zero from Nowhere, NjDale, your teacher is friggin cool. I think I heard the band say this song was about drugs, but I can relate to it simply being about hiding in my mind and being somewhat cut off from the outside world. I never did drugs but I am somewhat of a space case. Or am I simply a dreamer? Either way, great song. The version on KoRn 3 (bonus track) is intense, I saw them live three times and this song always gets the crowd going.
  • Trenton from Oklahoma City, OkI love how we can't agree on a meaning. Anyway, Eddie, the first riff I learned on guitar was "Get Back" by The Beatles. Now I play KoRn, Van Halen, Rage Against The Machine, and Pink Floyd. But yes, it if from a concept derived from when he was still in Sex Art.
  • Dale from Mesa, Azmy 6th grade teacher played this everyday after shcool
  • Joel from Las Vegas, NvI love this song. Probably one of my favorites, next to clown. Who really knows what its about? Some say drugs, others say something else, what matters is that this song is still great to listen to. :)
  • Matt from Bakersfield, CaThis song is really great. KoRn is one of my favorite bands. I'm proud to be from Bakersfield like them.
  • Brad from Mooreseville, InThis song is the base root for Korn. and oh ya, it's definately not about drugs
  • Elsa from Los Angeles, CaSoooo many memories... ahhh my sad teenaged lonely life. tee hee :)
  • Lil'tinker from Neverland (duh!), Virgin Islands (u.s.)I hate to say it, but all of you are retards. Well except the ones who "actually" no what the hell they are talking about (mark, justin) and the other who just are here to say the song is good.

    AND Joseph, sweetie you got way to much time on your hands. but hey thanks for the info, I am sure it will go down in history like "stairway to heaven"

    It is not about drugs, it is sad that such a beautiful song like this about the mind, automatically is labled, "oh it has to be drugs"

    The mind is more powerful than most give it credit for, and obviously most use it for.

    So what do I think it's about. I think I will keep it in a place inside my mind.

    so here kiddies a box for you to play with.

    I will be outside
  • Taylor from Pueblo, CoI really enjoy this song. It was also one of my first guitar riff. What? It was real easy to learn!
  • Desiree from Powers Lake, Ndi just have to say that all of korn songs are the fricken bomb and they have true meaning...he rox my sox!!!
  • Danny from Des Moines, IaWoohoo! I'm doing a report on this song and comparing it to "Champagne Supernova."
  • Amanda from Wabash, InI loe KoRn nd this is a great ong.
    -Amada Wabsh, IN
  • Tim from West Jordan, Utjonathan davis played the keyboard for the punk band sex art and it was the sex art lead singer that first brought davis to the mic its davis half brother mark chavez aka the former lead singer for adema just a little info for all you
  • Yo-mama from Las Vegas, Nvthis is a sweet song live. by the way mostly everybody here likes slipknot too right. why are people trying to compare them and stuff. as far as im cosidered they are both pretty good.
  • Justin from Westland, Miyou're all wrong... jon davis said himself in the mag 'revolver' that this song is about being blind to what is going on around you. it has nothing to do with drugs. and it was a member of adema that was in sex art.
  • Sam from Sheffield, Englandi really love this song...i can listen to it over and over again without getting bored of it for ages...i think this is KoRn's best song & the video is also good...jonathon davis looks so different in this video compared to what he looks like now!
  • Mark from Blackpool, EnglandJim, i am 20, and believe me this "noise" is music, what isn't music is 90% of the UK charts at the moment with the dance/drance and electronic stuff. I like a whole load of talented bands, KoRn being one of them
  • Jim from Toledo, Ohjust tell me nobody here is older than 15, thats the only excuse one could have to consider this noise to be music
  • Kassandra from Long Island A.k.a Wrong Island, Nyeddie... that was the first guitar riff I learned and im not a "unintelligent, black t-shirt wearing 14 white boy" im a 15 year old girl who doesnt wear black ALL the time and im not stupid btw but i unlike those thousands of boys learned the whole song on guitar AND bass
  • Danielle from NorthumberlandMost definitly the best song ever! Pure genius for this song... Completley defines the meaning of early Korn!
  • Chad from Houston, Txi never learned that song eh never learned any korn song except play me
  • Ian from New York, NyI love that opening! Denfinity the most complete KoRn song but not their best.
  • Tim from Springfield , IlI agree that this about jonathan's drug problems. This is one of favorite Korn songs. I love how it escalates throughout the whole song, leading to the final BLIND!!
  • Joseph from La, Casomething intersting, if you play the "Are you ready?!" backwards, it sounds like he's saying "Arrg we rule!"
  • Brian from Mayfield Heights,!
  • Joseph from Manteca, CaHey that WAS the first guitar riff I ever learned! Can you blame me? Its so easy...
  • Mishel from Madera, Cathis song is about being on drugs and blinded from from everything around him
  • Eddie from Lachine, Mi Thousands of unintelligent, black t-shirt wearing 14 white boys learn this as their first guitar riff. . . only to never learn the whole song. . . or any whole song, for that matter, usually.
    It's in A minor.
  • Brandon from Phoenix, Azthe original concept for this song was created while jonathon davis was in the bakersfield band Sex Art. a member of orgy was also in the band
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