Falling Away From Me
by Korn

Album: Issues (1999)
Charted: 24 99


  • Korn lead singer Jonathan Davis said: "The song is about domestic abuse and that there are ways to get help. Whether it's telling someone or calling a help line, there are ways to get out of those situations. No one has to be treated like that."
  • This was the first hit off of their fourth CD, Issues. The CD came with four different covers. The most common one had a voodoo doll on the cover. A second cover was a chalk design on a playground of a girl and a boy, a third had the band as dummies with fake hair and zipped-up mouths, and the fourth showed a bunch of newspaper headlines glued to a wall and in the middle was a picture of someone laying down in a dark room with a shadow behind him. >>
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    Nick - Paramus, NJ, for above 2
  • Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst directed the video, whose concept was a teen coping with domestic abuse.

    According to Pop-Up video, MTV had a problem with the beating part. They wouldn't allow Korn to show any direct contact.

    According to Korn's management, the electricity part of the video "represents the power inside us to change our situation and take control." Korn saw it differently, "it was just a metal cool thing."

    At the end of the clip when the room starts lighting up, if you look close enough you can see Fred Durst's face for a split second. >>
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    Flavio - Miami, FL
  • An animated version of Korn appeared on the Comedy Central show South Park and sang this during the episode "Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery." >>
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    John - Colorado Springs, CO

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  • Luke from Manchester, UkNathan Ritz from Marengo , In.
    You can't tell people they're wrong for having a different opinion. I'd never tell you you're wrong because I think Exodus beat Korn.
  • Dylan from Oshawa, OnWasn't one of the rejected covers for Issues used as the cover art for Make Me Bad?
  • Hannah from Gratz, PaI first heard this song and thought "woah, awesome" and of course, being on the radio they didn't say the name. I could tell it was by KoRn so I was looking for it for a while. I really love the lyrics "I flirt with suicide, sometimes kill the pain, I can't always say It's gonna be better tomorrow." That's me in a nutshell
  • Ivy from Springfield, Ne@ Nick - Oh it was directed by Fred Durst? That definitely explains why his face pops up for a second at the end!
  • Nathan Ritz from Marengo , Inthey're not that good charles, disturbed is a lot better, but thats just my opinion, i have mine and you have yours although mine is better, HAHA just kidding
  • Charles from Big Rock, TnAwesome. These guys Are the F**king A-bomb Without KoRn I think many kids would have killed themselves out of depression and disgust.
  • Athena from Newberg, OrThis song was also featured in 'Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery' on South Park.
  • David from Jersey City, Njthis song rocks!! especially the middle part. korn is without a doubt my all time favorite band in the universe!!!! yeah! i remember the episode of south park in which korn were special guests. they peformed this song. it was cooool!
  • Jake from Houston, TxI remember Jim Shear interviewing Munky and Jon, talking about the many contests.

    Jim: and I remember the contest for the Issues album, I submited some artwork to that

    Jon: Ha ha, loser.

    All: (Laughing)

    And if you use limwire.com and get a copy, you should be able to see it. (It is in 4:31. Within those frames, you can see it. If anyone can tell me how to take a screenshot of this on a laptop, please let me know)
  • Jake from Houston, TxActually, you can no longer find Biz Limkit's face. KoRn requested to have it edited it out so it was. It was only to be seen in the first showings of the video on MTV.
  • Billy Ross from Hagerstown, Mdi think ur all wrong cuz in the newest guitar world magazine, in the interview with head, he said this song is all about anger and how it just keeps beating you down into a little hole.
  • Mike from Cincinnati, OhAlso about the cover's the inside booklet contains all the rest of the entries, and KoRn chose what they felt were the five best, and couldn't just pick one. Love the intro to this song, KoRn definently is one of the best bands out there.
  • Danielle from NorthumberlandI don't think this is the best song, nor the best album.... but damn... the vid is good!
  • Damon from Queenstown, New ZealandThis song is deffinitly about an abused male. The male is so sick of the abuse he wants to end his own life. The chorus shows this abuse is continueous.
  • Jimmy from Modesto, CaOne of Korn's best songs...I love the "Issues" album, I recommend it for every Korn fan out there even though I'm sure you have it. KORN ROCKS!!!
  • Chris from Victoria, TxThere was a contest that MTV and KoRn put together for Issues.
  • Nick from Paramus, NjThe video was directed by Fred Durst. Also about the CD covers. There was apparently a contest held before the CD was released that sought out anyone who could create the best CD cover and the winner would get the main design on the CD. Anyone have any more info?
  • Mike from Lodi, CaKoRn is the best band. They talk about what alot of ppl want to hear. There music is very deep and younger people want to hear it to motivate them or to calm them down. KoRn is in the top 5 bands!
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