Last Resort

Album: Infest (2000)
Charted: 3 57


  • This song is about suicide. It takes the perspective of someone who feels frustrated and confused to the point that ending it all seems like a valid option. In our interview with Tobin Esperance of Papa Roach, he told us that "Last Resort" was so popular because the meaning of the track struck a note with fans: "I think the lyrics had a lot to do with it. Because originally the song was about a friend of ours that we grew up with, and he was going through a rough time in his life. And there was that suicide element to it, just like growing up and the struggles of life and questioning whether or not you want to keep going on, and I think a lot of people connected with that. For the kids who had also gone through those kinds of feelings, those kinds of emotions, the lyrics really helped connect with that song."
  • This was the first major-label release for Papa Roach; they recorded for an independent label for five years before signing with Dreamworks. Esperance says the band did not expect "Last Resort" to be as big as it was: "No one ever thought it was going to be a huge, huge hit, but I guess you never expect anything, really, when you're first starting out."
  • In our 2015 interview with Papa Roach lead singer Jacoby Shaddix, he described this song as a "cry for help." It was written for a good friend of the band, but the song took on new meaning when Shaddix fell into despair in 2012; he began drinking heavily and separated from his wife, Kelly. Said Shaddix, "I found myself in that place, where I was like, 'I can't go on this way. I can't do it anymore.'"

    Jacoby was able to pull himself together and return to his family (he and Kelly have two sons). "Last Resort," a song that helped many people express their darkest thoughts and find a way to overcome their struggles, helped him as well. "That song is timeless and it connects with who we are today and what we do today in a major way," he said.
  • This is almost always the final song Papa Roach plays at live performances.
  • The main riff from this song is similar to the Iron Maiden song "Genghis Khan." You can compare and contrast here.
  • Tobin Esperance told us that this song was composed on piano: "I've written songs on piano - actually, 'Last Resort' with that whole little riff/melody thing, that's done on the piano." Esperance added, "I was playing something on piano and Jacoby came in and started scatting over it. And we just did our typical mixing of a funky kind of hip-hop groove with a punk rock chorus. And that song just came together like that. Jacoby said, 'That's a cool riff, keep playing that noodle' - we called it a noodle. We did it over and over again, and Jacoby put his lyrics to it, and the song just morphed into what it is now."
  • Do you hear a hip-hop influence in this song? Esperance says they were listening to acts like Wu-Tang Clan and Fugees at the time, and East Coast hip-hop inspired the writing of this song. "We were sampling classical music behind simple pocket grooves," says Tobin.
  • Radio stations usually play an edited version. The offending line is "Don't give a f--k if I cut my arm bleeding."

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  • Zero from The Abyss, NjIt's also very similar to "Ghengis Khan", though Maiden play in standard tuning usually, this song is in Drop D.
  • Mike from Helena, MtThe main riff is from an Iron Maiden song, but it was "Infinite Dreams", not "Hallowed Be Thy Name". Kirk Hammett from Metallica said the wrong song in his circa 2001 Rolling Stone interview. That's how "Hallowed Be Thy Name" spread as the source of the riff.
  • Mike from Helena, MtThe main riff is similar to an Iron Maiden song, but it was "Infinite Dreams", not "Hallowed Be Thy Name"
  • Kidie from Seattle, Wathis kept me from doing stuff i shouldnt because i didnt feel so alone i felt acceptance
  • Bitsis from La Vernia, Txit sux gettin made fun of so much but i am hated and snuff by slipkknot and almost easy help
  • Bitsis from La Vernia, Txi dont even know how many times i have thought about suicide jus never did it cuz i dint have the right materials so when im thinkin bout i listen to this and a couple other songs
  • Joe from El Paso, Txi dont see how this song can keep u from being suicidal if it talks about killing yourself... but ok then...
  • Nicholas from Inglewood, Cathis is a really good song. i was at a time in my life when i felt like suicide. this song, at that time, really described how i felt and it is just awesome.
  • Liam from Hull, United Kingdomi just think this is a great song some of the best songs normaly have the worst meaning if any thing this song keeeps me sane particuly when ive had a s***y day and when i was thinking about killing myself this song kind of made me face myself it what i love about rock particuly linkin park there songs have meanings wat the point off anything if it doesnt have meaning so rock on
  • Tony from Tye, Txwhen ur very very close to suicide, it is a very good thing to have somebody to help you and to talk to you, i woulda kileld myself about a year ago, but somebody helped just enough to when i got a girlfriend who is now helpnig me alot
  • Lucy from Rhinebeck, NyImagine writing the song's lyrics for a suicide note!
  • Amroo from Waltham, Mathis song is the only thing that kept me alive... this song told me to keep hope when i had no1 to talk to...suicide is sumthing that is pulls u into the water very fast... if no1 helps n talks to u.. ur gonna commit suicide
  • Jamason from Brisbane, --I love the music of this song, but I mean come on, this is just a lame attempt to try and be emo, I mean come on:
    "CUt my life into peices"?
    THis is my Last Resort?
    It is about suicide yes, but I think that it is a tad over the top, the lyrics could have been done better. But having said all that, I do believe it is good to have a anti-Suicide message in songs, but still, this could have been done better
  • Joel from Capetown, South AfricaAnti-suicide message
  • Bob from St.louis, MiI think this song is so f-ing stupid but has a good rythem. who wants to sing about sucidle. people may b going thru this problem but they have to be brave enought to go up tp someone and try to get help
  • Erik from Brownwood , Txi think... no i know that it is never too late to get help someone will always listen... and if there is no frieds around then try mind sorry that was a bad joke... but never ever!!!! give up and take your life.
  • Alyas from Yankton, Sdi love this song the lyrics and music and meaning... it realates to me very well i have contiplated suicide lots of times and yes i have self inflicted myself.... no i do not regret it either.. it makes me who i am... and like the song scars it does remind me that i have lived through things before... i also think that it is just like suicide and how you feel when your so close to doing so... you feel like you cant breath, you dont care if you wake up ever again or cut yourself wide open and die... you cant concentrate on one thing going thru your mind because there are so many things going thru want someone to tell you its ok even tho you no its not and you at the same time dont want ppl to tell you its ok b/cus you no they dont know... so yea
  • Brandon from Burke, Vaok first of all yall that are like suicide is so cool need major help. yes this si my fav song..but a few days ago a was listeing to it and was like hold made me relize how depressing my life is.

    second...Andrew, adelaide, Australia
    you couldnt tell it was bout suicid..."cut my life into pecies, this is my last resort. suffication, no bleeding dont give a f--k if i cut my arm bleeding."
    that basicaly sums up suicied.
  • Daniel from Naperville, IlJerry - this is actually a note for note copy of a riff from the Iron Maiden song "Hallowed be Thy Name". I noticed this when the song was popular on the radio, and I recently read a Playboy interview with Lars Ulrich where he points out the same thing.
  • Sammy from Chicago, IlKevin from El Paso, TX, you're being sarcastic right? Suicide is so not cool, it's sad and a lot of times unecessary and if you really think it's cool, well then you have serious issues and you need to grow up.
  • Mandie from Port Royal, Pathis song introduces the minds of everyones personal emotions
  • Joel from Columbia, ScThis is just one of many songs that have helped me through suicidal times.
  • Joe from Franklin, TnWow it's about suicide I never would have guessed.
  • Andrew from Adelaide, Australialast resort= suicide , sounds pretty strait foward to me. i agree with kristina from houstan texas people always depressed and contemplating killing someone else or killing themselfes are so effing depressing and to have someone who is rich and famous sing about it is worse, i'm a fan of papa roach but personally i don't like this song
  • Radhika from New Delhi,!!!!
  • Rebka from Crapville, Wythis song is annnoying. thats my opinion.
  • Julia from Sydney, AustraliaI like this song because of its brutal honesty, its not censored..and I think thats the point. Ironically, people often do things, like self harm and suicide, because they feel like society/loved ones won't understand or listen to them because their feelings are so abstract. Those who think that songs like this set a bad example are only encouraging this mind set. It may be a little "full on", so to speak, but the truth is that this is some people's reality, its life.
  • Kevin from El Paso, TxI think this is cool because one time I try to do what the song says before I heared about it.
    Because suicide is cool . By:KEvin Viana
  • Crystal from Stockton, CaI do think this song is about suicide, but there's more than that.....I think he's talking about all the things that have gone wrong in his life and that is why he's gonna kill himself!
  • Ronnie from Huddersfield, EnglandGreat song. It's all about contemplating suicide and the emotional battle involved with suicidal thoughts. Shame the riff can be heard almost identically in Iron Maiden songs 'Infinite Dreams' and 'Ghengis Khan'. Still, it's a cracking tune.
  • Paul from London, EnglandTHE new anthem for angry teens... up there with Fight for Your Right. Although the trapped, frustrated listeners of this song are slightly more emotionally heavier than of the BB classic, it stands as the voice of a new p***ed generation
  • Kristina from Houston, Txi agree with patrick from st paul...they kinda seem to be singing about stuff that isnt really who they are...
  • Buddha from Denver, Cothe song is about a guy who lost his mom and he dont know what to so do
  • Patrick from St. Paul, MnWell for a band who has a lot of songs about angst towards people and society, the liner notes in the CD has every member thanking God and their families.
  • Kristina from Houston, Txi think its so depressing when people talk like that. my friend is one of those people that no matter what, she is always depressed and i dont understand why. dont think that sitting back in a corner looking like your about to kill someone is going to attract people. you gotta talk and i promise, people will listen.
  • Jester from Folsom, Capapa roach is really cool and i love this song but all the other ones they do are ify. i play this song so loud that it rattles the windows in my house.

  • Liz from Inthewall, PaI don't think it's about suicide, self mulation defintely. I think it's about a person who's on the road to suicide, but not going to do it just yet.
  • Peter from Nowhere, BosniaThis song is not about suicide as everyone here seems to think. It's about self-harm. As a self harmere myself I know the feelings described and i know its about release of built up feelings and indeed about feelin if you don't do somthing then you would kill youself (self mutilation is the "last resort") sorry if this makes no sense
  • Sarah from Chicago, IlGood song I decided to download it when I liked scars so much just to give one of ther other songs a try and I realized that I had heard it before and even sort of liked the music but I never heard it again (It wa son a cd that one of my sisters friends had) so I never got a chance to really get into it but now that I can listen to it over and over again im loving it.
    The song in my perspective is an ANTI suicide song but I could be wrong and I personally like songs like this that are against suicide (Adam's song, Hold on) I'm not comparing the other ones to this one I'm just saying there about suicide too and all three are really good songs, I'm not planning on suicide I just like the lyrics and the music okay now that I've got everyone scared of me I'm gonna go.....
  • Sara from Wallasey, Englanddude the words in this rock i totally agree with the above comments i think the line were it says "no love for myself and no love from another" i think that means no one ever really thought about going up to them and he did not really RESPECT himself!!!!!
  • Mercedes from Portland Yah!, OrI Like The Song...It Shows that People In The Singing And Acting Industry Have Things To Stress About Also And They Sometimes Just Wanna Die....Im Sure Its A lot Of Pressure To Have Everything Seriously No Joke I Mean Im Sure Some Would Just Want To Give Up Everything And Lead a Normal Life Sometimes But Cant....I Love Papa Roach...My Friend Got Me Into Them And They Are One Of My Fav Bands!!!
  • Amber from Somewhere In The Us, United Statesthis is for Brandon! what do u kno about it? not everyone who contemplate suicide is just looking for attention... their just looking for someone to help them! have u ever been there? have u ever been a social outcast and thats the only think you can think of to get away from the tourture of daily life!? i dont think so!
  • Scott from Pottstown, Pai like this song, it doesnt matter if its suicide or not but im not saying its good dont get me wrong. But it is a good song and id still listen to it. But unless i missed summtin they wont committ suicide (not sure how to spell committ)
  • Heather from Bristol, Vathis song is about suicide, about the emotions involved and about the things in peoples heads and how many people are not heard in this world
  • Ian from New York, NyI have heard this song to much in my life to bear listening to it any more. Between Angels and Insects is better then it too. Not to say that I didn't once like this song, I've just heard it to much.
  • Elisabeth from N/a, Ini love this song, it's my fave. by Papa Roach:)
  • Andrea from Coventry, EnglandIts not just about suicide. It's one of the few songs that talks about self-injury - and it describes some of the emotions associated with that quite well
  • Leigh from Stockton, Englandtop doesnt matter if its about suicide cos no matter how we think suicide happens and its a part of peoples life.and just cos its a sour subject doesnt mean that songs based on it have to b slow or touching.i think papa roach r talking of the dark side od it instead of some artist who try to almost glorify it or treat it as some act of passion or summit
  • Brandon from Jacksonville, FlPeople who commit sucide do so because they can't handle life. That is their decision, and it is not the fault of some band. People who threaten sucide, or tell someone they are going to are looking for attention. If someone really wants to kill theirselves, chances are you won't know until after they do it. People who want to live like they're a 'victim' of society are a waste of time anyways!!!
  • Just from Buford, Gawen sum1 wants to kill themself its only kuz no one is there usually to even tell them that there r other ways well thats wut i thot at least n u think bout it the song is about no one is there to call for attention from kuz no one cares that they r havin a bad life kuz they wont take the time to chek in at least
  • Shawna from San Diego, CaI used to love this song just b/c of the melody, until my brother in law's good friend commited suicide and had this song on repeat. That's when I realized it was about suicide and I hate suicide songs, it makes the depressed people think it's okay. Now every time I hear the song, I can't even enjoy it. I just feel horrible for the guy now and everyone he put in pain.
  • Coxy from Kkkkkk, AustraliaJust like Nathan said, this song is deeper then just suicide, when people thing suicide they think people taking their own lifes because they are having a really rough one, this song is also about how people will react towards a suicide among their friends or family or how they would react if they actually knew what was under the skin of the person who is wishing for death....
  • David Gidcumb from West Bloomfield, MiThis song is about Jacoby's roomate. It's an anti-suicde song.
  • Kayleigh from Tucson, AzI believe it is a cry for help more than a suicide note. More like a life story asking for someone to guide him the right way again.
  • Jerry from Glasgow, EuropeUsed to think this was a great song until i found out the main riff that makes this song as famous as it is was actually an only slightly rehashed version of one of the many great Iron Maiden riffs from their 1981 instrumental song "Genghis Khan". Maiden are not credited anywhere on the sleeve.
  • Nick from Paramus, NjI heard it was about Coby Dick's roomate.
  • Jared from Norwalk, OhThere are some songs that it really doesn't matter what the hell the song's about, it's still a kick ass song, this is one of them. Yes it's interesting to know what it is about but really I think the music itself is cool and the lyrics are awesome.
  • Nathan from Atlanta, GaI think is goes a bit more deeper than just suicide. I think the song is trying to say that there are a lot of things going through this person's head. He is contiplating suicide, but only because he has no one to talk to about it, since in the song it says "wish somebody would tell me im fine." So i think it is a cry for help, but if no one hears, then the only answer is to kill himself.
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