Do It For The Gang
by Krept & Konan (featuring Wiz Khalifa)

Album: The Long Way Home (2015)
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  • This song features Wiz Khalifa, who spits out the hook in his sing-song manner. He also contributes a verse to the track.
  • The song features some controversial rhymes from Krept, who raps:

    White whip, red interiors
    That's a white chick on her period
    Said she into girls, I'mma turn her straight
    You gon' learn today

    Krept explained to The Independent that the line about a white girl having her period is "basically the only way to describe a white car with red interiors."

    "Yeah, it's red," added Konan, "like blood. It's kind of a metaphor."
  • The Independent asked the pair if the line about turning a white girl straight could be offensive to lesbians? Konan told the journalist that she'd misunderstood the metaphor. "He is saying he's the exception," said the rapper. "Like you might not like rap, but you might like Krept and Konan."
  • Speaking to NME in 2017, Krept admitted the line about turning a white girl straight was dodgy. "Sometimes you don't realise how bad lyrics are when you're writing them," he said. "I just thought of the punchline rather than the statement."

    Krept added that he now skips the lyric when he and Konan perform the song live. "Obviously you grow. Every time we perform it, it's like, 'Oh, s--t, that line's coming up again.'"
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