Trailer Hitch

Album: Southern Gravity (2014)
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  • The idea for the song came to Kristian Bush after a writer friend of his walked out the door and said, "I've never seen a hearse with a trailer hitch."

    "As we went through it, it was very easy to walk into the shoes of, 'Let's write a song that's fun that has a message that also matters. Let's just not bang over anybody's head with it.' We probably have one too many things in our life. All of us. We can probably give at least one of them back or away," Bush told "You can't take it with you when you go. It is a question and it isn't an answer of a song. It's just a question, why do we all want to die rich? Isn't there something we can do with that?"
  • The lead single of Southern Gravity, its inclusion on the album was an accident. Bush explained to Artist Direct: "I had written the song, finished the session, had written four songs, people were in their chairs. I asked to do one more before eating dinner. I had a little ditty that was supposed to be fun. I played it, charted it out and they began playing it. This thing happened. It makes you want to dance."

    "It reminded me, again, of how much magic is in each set of songs. You just don't know until you bring them to life… what they can be. That sounds like a single and wasn't even supposed to be on the record."
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