Engage The Fear Machine

Album: VII: Sturm und Drang (2015)
  • This seething metal tune finds Randy Blythe taking issue with the media using fear to increase their viewing figures. "What ever happened to ebola? How long ago was that? We were all going to die, you know? The news just takes everything to the next limit, and it keeps viewers glued to the TV and it brings in advertiser dollars and it makes me so f--king mad," the Lamb of God frontman said.

    "I was flying a lot during that time. I remember one time in an airport, every bar I'd walk past every TV was going, 'Ebola is coming!' Like it's the Mongolian horde. I'm like, 'Man, f--k you. This is complete nonsense.' They're using scare tactics. They're controlling us through fear. It's nonsense. I reject it."


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