Now You've Got Something To Die For

Album: Ashes of the Wake (2004)
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  • This song deals with the war in Iraq, and what Lamb of God lead singer Randy Blythe felt were the misguided beliefs of US president George Bush.

    As the war became less popular in the United States, many citizens protested the administration, but made it clear that they supported the soldiers who were fighting the war. This song takes a different approach, as the lyrics are directed at the troops who are executing Bush's plan.

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  • T from Colorado Love how this article was written by someone who didnt go through this stuff.
  • Joe Thetruth Shmo from Somewhere Not Here, Kentucky California, IndiaI will go a step further than Dan, this is a HORRIDLY MISGUIDED songopinion, by a person who had never seen LoG live. Every single time they play this (in the US) they DEDICATE the song to "the men and women of the United States armed forces" (every show, Randall Blythe), [direct quote].
    The song is saying "now you've (you the soldier) have something to die for" Bush has started something that you have to die for. Soldiers do what they are told, the decisions are made by Bush. This song is sympathy for the soldier. Bushes orders are: "Send the children to the fire, Sons and daughters stack the pyre, Stoke the flame of the empire [that Bush made], Live to lie another day [Do I really have to explain who is lying here?]
    Face of hypocrisy [take a guess whose face that is]
    Raping democracy [are the soldiers raping it? Or is the supposed face of freedom and democracy, raping it?] "

    This is a song aimed at soldiers with the message, "I feel your pain, this sucks, F**k bush."
  • Branden from Orange Park, FlLamb of God live was so awesome man seen them back last year in Jacksonville! W/
  • Dan from Nas Whidbey Island, WaFirst of all, guy who wrote the "songfact" was posting a "songopinion." Secondly, many people in the military listen to music like this. With a song like Metallica's "One" they appreciate the realism and don't mind when an artist is playing "Devil's Advocate" like vocalist Randy Blythe in this song.
  • Mike from Denver, Coi agree with sam from chicago. aiming at soldiers isnt cool. they die and suffer for our freedom. god bless the US army
  • Sam from Chicago, IlWhen I first listened to the lyrics, I thought this song was about how the Bush administration needed an excuse to send troops to Iraq. If it is directed negatively at the soldiers, that's not cool at all. In the words of Mike Birbiglia, "If it wasn't them, it would be me."
  • Mike from San Ramon, Catruly one of the greatest bands ever. great song.
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