Album: Wrath (2009)
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  • Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe cites this as his favorite on the Wrath album. He explained to Kerrang! February 21, 2009: "At the start of the song you can hear the ocean as recorded from Virginia Beach, and I love that. And the rest of the song just builds to a manic crescendo. It's just crazy."
  • This song was originally intended to be an instrumental.
  • Drummer Chris Adler told Rolling Stone: "It's about how we're destroying ourselves and the world around us, and that sooner or later, the tipping point will be reached."
  • This was recorded live on the balcony of Studio Barbarosa, a small beach-adjacent studio in Virginia. Guitarist Willie Adler explained on their record label's website that producer Josh Adler "set up some mics out there, and Mark and I just jammed. You can hear the actual ocean waves behind us. And what was cool was, Randy was like, 'This is perfect - it totally fits my lyrics! I asked him what they were about, and he said it was about the earth reclaiming itself and the waters rising."

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  • Igor from RomaniaIs it a coincidence or not that this song is written in 2009, pretty close to the Great Recession?

    I was watching a clip about the shortcomings of capitalism and how the Governments basically had to make up for the banks' mistakes or otherwise the whole economic system would've collapsed and that's how we were affected as humans. The clip was also talking about the fact that infinite economic growth isn't sustainable so there was something that immediately clicked in my brain about this song. I looked it up and here it is... 2009.
  • Mike from Denver, Cothis song pulls you into its mass mayhem of brutal riffs, pounding drums, thundering bass, growling vocals, and that 100 per-cent LAMB OF GOD AWESOMENESS!!!! LAMB OF GOD IS THE BEST BAND IN THE WORLD!!!!!
  • Nick from Cairns, AustraliaYea weird cause i saw websites and on the band's website i think that the album was gonna come out feb 24th, 2009 but i found it in the shelves of one of our music stores in Cairns a week before i "thought" it was gonna be released. Of course i bought it but its just weird, maybe's its just me
  • Nick from Cairns, AustraliaDamn I was gonna put that rolling stone comment up lol, ya beat me to it!! I'm not being annoyin its just that I saw it on another website and thought i'd put it up there but oh well.......Anyway, great song i love that intro it sounds really sinister in a way
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