Love Story (Vs Finally)

Album: Night Works (2003)
Charted: 8
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  • Layo & Bushwacka! is the pseudonym of London DJs Layo Paskin and Matthew 'Bushwacka' Benjamin. The pair are the co-owner and resident DJ, respectively, at the End, a nightclub founded by the Shamen's Mr. C. Paskin's father is an architect and designed the club. Several singles and an album by Layo & Bushwacka! were released by End Recordings in late 1990s, as well as some tunes produced by Paskin and Mr. C as the Usual Suspects.
  • This song was originally released in 2002 by XL Recordings under the name "Love Story," charting at #4 on Billboard Hot Dance Club Play and #30 on the UK singles chart. Originally an untitled white label track, "Love Story" was given its name by its fans in Argentina, where as a mark of respect, clubbers sat down on the dance floor whenever it was played. Benjamin recalled in DJ Magazine: "People in Argentina and places started calling it 'Love Song,' and we ended up calling it 'Love Story' after a famous after-hours in Sao Paulo that we hung out in a little bit in our rock & roll days, shall we say. I'll never forget the first time I went there — in fact, there's a few times I went there I'll never forget, but that's another story!"
  • The song is a meandering journey through old Blues samples and Detroit beats. It borrows from the fast-picked bassline intro for Devo's 1977 tune "Mongoloid." "One of the most interesting things that came from that process was the Devo bassline, and a blues piano chord that sounded slightly out of tune," Benjamin recalled. "It was one chord off a record, and I sampled and played a copy of the bassline with a sample of this piano stab on top - that's where the whole hook came from."

    The pair also threw in a Nina Simone sample from her song "Rags & Old Iron," which they'd also acquired earlier that day. "The funniest thing about that was that nobody could work out what she was saying, for such a long time," chuckled Benjamin. "Even I didn't know that she was saying 'Rags and old iron, rags and old iron, all she was buying was rags and old iron'."
  • "Love Story" was an instrumental, but XL Recordings wanted a vocal version. A remix single was released in January 2003, incorporating a vocal borrowed from American house duo The Kings of Tomorrow's "Finally," which topped the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart in 2000. It proved to be a success, peaking at #8 in the UK. "We tried various things which weren't happening, but I'd done a DJ set with Layo at the first Creamfields in Argentina in 2002 or 2001 where I was DJing on three decks," Benjamin recalled to DJ Magazine. "On deck one I had 'Love Story' and on deck two an acapella of Kings Of Tomorrow 'Finally'. Deck three I had a techno loop record, and when I put these three things together, I've never seen a crowd go so crazy in my entire life! I was literally almost crying, thinking 'Oh my god, this is so amazing'."
"'Love Story' and Kings Of Tomorrow 'Finally' were my girlfriend-at-the-time's two favourite tunes ever," Benjamin added. "So I went in my studio, re-recorded 'Love Story' with the acapella over the top, and said to her 'Here you go, happy birthday!' Then I said to XL that this was the only thing that was working, and the track came out and went Top 10."

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  • Elvis from Osasco, São Paulo, BrasilI want know the name of the dancer girl of the vídeo clip love story x finaly as Green lights, thanks.
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