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  • Rehab was the fourth album released by Christian rapper, Lecrae. According to the website of his record label, Rehab's "motto" is "The Christian life is an entrance into rehab." The highly conceptual album is centered on the release and freedoms from inhibiting addictions and habits. This song is the opening track, in which Lecrae raps rhymes about the Christian "checking in" to "rehab," thus introducing the underlying storyline.
  • Lecrae has personal experience of substance abuse and he told us: "That's something some people know and some people don't know, just my history and me wrestling with drugs and how I was able to overcome that. And alcohol, as well. It's kind of like how much of a crutch in my life it was, not being able to function on a regular basis without it. So just saying, man, at the end of the day rehabilitation means that something is broken, and it's supposed to look like this, but it's broken. I think that's what God wants to do with us as individuals. We're broken, we're fractured, we're messed up, and need rehabilitation." (Here's the full interview with Lecrae.)
  • Rehab was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Rock or Rap Gospel Album at the 2011 Grammy Awards but lost out to Switchdown's Hello Hurricane.
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