You Don't Love Me


  • This is one of three new songs on British R&B singer Lemar's greatest hits compilation, The Hits. He discussed this song with Blues and Soul magazine: "I recorded like 30 songs to get down to the three new ones that we finally included on there. And for me, the key thing was to be different and to be experimental. You know, it's the fifth album, a greatest hits celebration - so you're definitely gonna get your staple Lemar vibe within the course of the record. So - in terms of the new tracks - my thought was, 'Why not mess around a bit while keeping that soul voice, and try to show some different angles?' So with 'You Don't Love Me' - as opposed to it being your standard love song where you're hearing me crooning about someone - I'm taking another stance and saying 'You keep accusing me, but you're the person who doesn't love ME'… You know, I'm trying a different approach, and there is that bit of anger in m voice. Which is something people really haven't heard too much of from me before."
  • The song features a sample from The Supremes' 1960s Motown hit "You Keep Me Hangin' On."


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