Album: Teenage Emotions (2017)
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  • Here, Lil Yachty uses riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle as a metaphor for sex. He told Genius the rhymes came to him easily in the studio.

    "It was a one take song - dead ass," said Yachty. "It was like a three take song, because I stopped and did the verses, but I freestyled that whole thing so fast. I've never even rode a motorcycle. I was talking about bitches."
  • The beat was supplied by K. Swisha, who is best known for his production work on MadeinTYO's hit tune "Uber Everywhere." Said Yachty:

    "I've been wanting to work with him for a long time. He sent me so many beats. This was a long time ago, when he made this song. When he sent me the beat, I was so eager to do one of his beats, so one night in the studio, I just did that s--it super quick. I didn't even think anything of it, and so I recorded a snippet of it and put it on Instagram. They really f---ed with it, and every time fans saw me, they were like, 'Where is Harley?!' So I was like, 'F--k it' and put it out, because I didn't think s--t out of it."
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