Insincerely Yours

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  • This song finds Allen taking a cynical swipe at models and celebrities like Rita Ora, Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn, who endorse brands for money and fame or turn up at parties and premieres. "I hate that world. It's soulless and an elitist," she stated to The Sun. "And I've not wrote about it to be controversial – it simply me being honest. I think that whole idea of taboo or things we know one should or shouldn't do is ridiculous."

    "And there are a number of ways to smash that on the head," Allen continued. "It's not until you start being open and honest, talking about things that others won't, that we can break it down. I think people are so driven by fame and fear in this society."
  • Allen sings:

    I don't give a f--k about Delevingne
    Or that Rita girl
    About Jourdan Dunn
    I don't wanna know about your perfect life
    Your perfect wife and it makes me sick
    I don't give a f--k about your Instagram
    About your lovely house or your ugly kids

    After she heard the above, Dunn, who has four-year-old son Riley, tweeted Allen to ask who's "ugly kids" she was referring to? The singer quickly replied with the explanation: "It's a reference to something another artist said about my children on twitter. Also, only mentioned you cause your name rhymes with 'one'. Sorry."

    Dunn's responded by sarcastically tweeting : "Because my name rhymes with 'One'!!!!! Look at you, you lil lyrical genius!!"

    Allen was referring to comments made by rapper Azealia Banks during a Twitter row in 2013, when she called the singer's children "ugly" and her husband, Sam Cooper, as looking like a "thumb."
  • Allen denied to Pop Justice that she is personally slagging off Cara Delevingne and co in this song. "It's not about them, it's about the idea of them – how the media perceive them," she explained. "It's about how the way the media perceive them as entities and how that actually has nothing to do with how they are in real life."

    "And Delevingne rhymes with magazine," she added.
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