Chasing The Sun

Album: Carving Canyons (2022)
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  • Tired of dwelling on the past, Lissie looks forward to a brighter future on this upbeat track. While the title is a metaphor for embracing hope, it was inspired by the singer quite literally chasing the sun.

    "I was inspired to write 'Chasing The Sun' driving through rural Iowa on a winter afternoon," she recalled. "I wanted to get home before dark and felt like I was following the sun home, keeping time with it. It's a song of optimism and hope for the future. To keep going."
  • This is the fourth single from Lissie's fifth studio album, Carving Canyons. She wrote the tune with her frequent collaborators, Curt Schneider (who also produced the album) and Martin Craft, an Australian songwriter who co-wrote some of her earlier songs like "Don't You Give Up On Me" and "Love Blows."
  • The album was largely written at Lissie's Iowa farm during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic - a lonely time for the singer, who was still processing a recent breakup and only had her dog for company. It also served as a period of introspection that influenced the album's themes of hope and heartache. She told Americana Highways:

    "I think that I, like a lot of artists and people – it took me a good six months, and I didn't start writing until November of 2020. Because I just felt, not only my breakup, but just the pain in the world and the isolation, seeing other people's pain and politics - everything was just so, so intense. So I had to really spend a good six months just trying to take good care of myself and healing and getting perspective. But once I started writing in November, it was like I had some time to reflect on these stages of grief I found myself in. Carving Canyons has got anger, sorrow, acceptance, hope - all the things. It's like I made the album over an entire arc of healing. That was afforded by the pandemic, really."


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