Love Blows


  • On the fourth single from her fourth album, Castles, Lissie deals with the frustration of having lingering feelings for her ex, coming to the conclusion that "love blows." She told When the Horn Blows she started writing the tune in Berlin with Australian songwriter Martin Craft, but it took awhile to get it right. "I was in the midst of romantic tumult that was actually quite stupid but perhaps necessary in gaining insight and life experience. I didn't finish the whole song then and about a year later rejoined with Martin and producer Liam Howe to finish writing and reimagine the chorus melody and production. There is a sort of desperation and at the same time humor about recognizing patterns and ultimately how dark and really silly it is to give your power and sense of self away to another person. Of course real love is amazing but that kind of fairytale, movie love of needing someone so bad, you can't breathe without them, BLOWS!"
  • Lissie re-recorded this as a piano ballad for her 2019 album, When I'm Alone: The Piano Retrospective.


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