Johnny Cool

Album: I Will Follow Him (1963)


  • "Johnny Cool, Johnny Cool,
    That's what all the kids are calling him at school...
    Sha-la-la-la-la-la-la" - yeah, right.

    With mush like this it's no wonder Peggy March spent the rest of her non-career recording in German; it would help if her voice was any better than her lyricist. It isn't and it doesn't.
    People who like their music with meat on the bone will prefer the totally unrelated Praying Mantis track of the same name. >>
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    Alexander Baron - London, England

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  • Wisdom from PaYou cannot lift cultural things such as music out of the time period they were from and try to use a modern mindset to judge with. If a piece of modern music could have been played to the people back then, they would have thought of it as nothing bur useless yelling, screaming and noise. You cannot make a sound judgement on how people of the time, with that entirely different mindset, would view music being made in their own time period. No, she was not very popular in her own time, but to ridicule the lyrics she was using when they were the same kind of lyrics many artists of the time were using is lifting this specific song out of its context making the evaluation totally invalid. And back then the style of a lot of singers was pretty much the same as hers was as well. These were people trying to make a living by attempting to go with the flow of the times they lived in and give them the sounds the masses wanted. Out of the tons of people who attempted to make popular music and become famous enough to have their name remembered, at least she got that far. Thus it shows the people of the time were wanting what she was providing, just not as much as other artists of her time period. How many thousands per each name that is remembered, will never be known b/c they couldn't make it as far as people like her did?
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