• This is the first song made freely available to the public from alternative rock singer-songwriter Liz Phair's sixth album, Funstyle. Phair released the record herself, without the involvement of a label. It is available by download linked through Phair's website.
  • The song finds Phair documenting some of her less successful attempts to make money in the music business and how she ended up doing TV scores out of broke desperation. It includes lines about attempting to decipher her publishing deal with CBS, for whom she scored the short-lived television show Swingtown. "Pulled out the contract from the file cabinet on microfiche in the form of tablets made of stone," she raps.
  • Phair's management team insisted the songs on the album weren't marketable, forcing the singer to strike out on her own. "I thought these songs were the best things since sliced bread. I thought they were hilarious. And I played them for my management, and they freaked out. They were mortified, appalled. It was kind of like Jerry Maguire," she told Spin magazine. "There was just this pall cast that I would even think these songs were viable. I remember them being like, 'I'm not going to f--king walk into a radio station and play them this album.' It was this weird moment where I was like, 'How can anything so funny be so upsetting?' I remember crying, too, because I was so surprised. So we had to part ways. After a year, I just felt like, 'These songs are awesome. I'm tired of waiting.'"

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  • Shivam from IndiaIt's my favourite song :).
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