All The Kids Are Right

Album: Pack Up The Cats (1998)
  • This song is about a fan who told all his friends about the band and how awesome their shows are (Local H has a reputation for putting on amazing live shows), only for the friends to be disappointed when the band goes through the act halfheartedly. What follows for the fan is embarrassment and ridicule ("All the kids, they hold a grudge, you've failed them and they won't forget it").
  • The line "What the hell was wrong with Joe?" refers to the drummer of Local H at the time, Joe Daniels. Unrelated to the song, Daniels left Local H after their label merged with another company, leaving the band without a label for Pack Up The Cats. Local H was on a three-year hiatus while frontman Scott Lucas looked for a new drummer to fit the band, eventually choosing Brian St. Clair. >>
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    James - La Crosse, WI, for above 2

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  • Tj from Champaign, IlThe title is "All the Kids Are Right," not "All the Kids Were Right."
  • Seth from Simpsonville, Scnevermind, it's fixed now.
  • Seth from Simpsonville, Sctowards the end of the song after he sings " all the kids they hold a grudge, you've failed them and they wont forget" he sings something. I believe it is " all your cred wont save you from the kids" then it is "they saw what you did" that is left out on the lyrics on here...
  • Nick from Arlington Heights, IlThis song is about a band playing a bad show. Local H rules.
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