Is This Called Home

Album: Something's Changing (2017)


  • This track was inspired by the many migrants who are fleeing from war torn countries in Africa and the Middle East to Europe. Because of the huge numbers involved, many European countries are struggling to cope. Lucy Rose explained to Bandwagon the story of the song:

    "This one came about, I started writing it in a dressing room in Hanover, and it's just one of those things, it was right down in the basement of this old, huge auditorium-like venue. It was really acoustic and I played one note on the guitar and it just felt massive. I just came up with that riff and the song and the words sort of came out. And I realised that I was writing about something that was on my mind a lot, and still is, which is the refugee crisis. Which is happening across Europe. Trying to find the words was difficult, but I think that's why this song means a lot to me."
  • This is one of two songs on Something's Changing that features vocal harmonies provided by sibling trio The Staves ("Floral Dresses" is the other.) Lucy Rose told about their collaborations:

    "This record had a real 70's vibe, a collaborative feel, just lots of people playing in a room. So when it came to doing backing vocals, I didn't just want to have my voice layered over and over again, I wanted to have the texture of female voices. I sent them the songs and they all said yes. It was a big moment, it really validated the songwriting for this album."


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