Sherry Fraser

Album: Marcy Playground (1997)


  • The last single from Marcy Playground's debut album, this is song is about a real person. In our interview with Marcy Playground lead singer/songwriter John Wozniak, he explained: "Sherry was my first girlfriend. When I was 15, she was 16. She was my first true love. And still a very close friend. She did all the artwork for our latest record, Leaving Wonderland. She's a really terrific visual artist and also a great musician. She has a band called Two Ton Boa, which is really cool. I always tap Sherry for her ideas and her creativity, and I have for years. But she's since married somebody else and we haven't been together since 1993 or something. So it's been a long time, almost 17 years. Well, I guess for that age it was a long time. I met her in '87, and we stopped dating in '93. We remain friends and made music together. We wrote a bunch of stuff. She sings on the very first record that I ever did, which was the Zog Bogbean - from the Marcy Playground. And we wrote some songs together."
  • There are some Alice in Wonderland references in the lyrics, a theme that would recur in Marcy Playground's 2009 album Leaving Wonderland. Wozniak told us: "Sherry and I started experimenting with LSD when we first got together. I was 15 and she was 16 and we were tripping on acid a lot. And Through the Looking Glass was always both of our favorite book. And so it's part of it, I suppose. But the way I write songs is with a lot of imagery, and not necessarily a lot of direct meaning. It's all multi-layered feelings, like 'disco lemonade' (from "Sex and Candy") doesn't mean anything. There's no such thing. (laughs) It's a feeling."


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