Just For Now

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  • During this bright, swaying cut, Maren Morris sings of a one-night stand that's going well.

    It's the first time in a long time that my heart feels whole
    And I don't know why
    Keep doin' what you're doin'
    'Cause tonight, we don't gotta decide

    The songstress is not putting any pressure on the situation; instead she's embracing pleasure in the moment.

    But either way it goes, baby, you've just gotta know
    We've got nothin' to worry about
    Damn, we've got gold in the love that we've found
    Even if it's just for now
  • Morris wrote the song back in the days when she and her now-husband Ryan Hurd were secretly dating. The Texan native explained to Apple Music she "would write many songs about being in love with each other, as if no one around us noticed. It brings back so many memories of that time, pre-marriage and babies, where we were still in this zone of 'Will this happen for real?'"
  • Written in the mid-2010s by Morris with Hurd and the late busbee, "Just For Now" didn't make it onto any of her records, but it remained special to the songstress, so during the COVID-19 quarantine she dusted off the tune along with another song, "Takes Two." Morris released both tracks on June 12, 2020, adding them to her Girl tracklisting. The country star explained to Apple Music she wanted to circle back to "Just For Now" following months in lockdown as "the concept of a song about a one-night hook-up honestly sounds refreshing and nostalgic."


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