Little Horn

Album: Antichrist Superstar (1996)


  • This is based on a dream Marilyn Manson had of an apocalyptic future where some women are made brain dead with their jaws wired shut and forced to dance in cages. In the dream, Manson was the MC. The dream was the beginning of the concept for the Antichrist Superstar album.
  • "Little Horn" was a man who appears in the Bible in the book of Daniel. He appeared to Daniel in a dream, emerging from the water and speaking out against God. There have been many interpretations of this writing, but Manson claims that "Little Horn" is the Antichrist.
  • The Antichrist Superstar is a persona that Manson took on around this time to make people question God and believe in themselves. His shock tactics, though, caused many critics to dismiss him and many parents and religious to despise him.
  • The line "The world spreads its legs for another star" previously appeared in Manson's song "Rock 'N' Roll Ni**ger," although it ended with "f***ing star" instead of just "star." >>
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  • Ilovewhatyouhate from Lake Providence, LaFunny how Christians fear Manson but not this?
  • Emma from White Rock, CanadaActually, Lisa, he went to a Baptist school, much to his dislike, until 10th grade, where he transferred to a public school. Even though his parents are christian, they still back him up with anything he does.
  • Joker from Sydney, Australiamarilyn manson standds for freedom of expression and if that makes you feel sick in your gut then you should realise your living a lie of a life.
    just because he doesnt promote it in the way you would like him to doesnt make it beautiful or meaningful and most of all art.
  • Joker from Sydney, Australiaim sorry but i dont think any of you got this exactly right. the song litttle horn represents the part in his childhood when he realised the truth about christianity and he represnts himself this way through symbolism of daniel, etc and it appeared on the red dragons head , the third and FINAL beast. the beast had 7 bigs ones and there was a hidden 8th little horn taht had the face of a human guised inside of it. also as "twitch" stated he was the proud and powerful one much like satan. and that leads to mansons persona of the antichrist and how he had nightmares that he WAS the antichrist.
    manson uses allot of SYMBOLISM in hiss artwork you have to remeber this. this symbolism is open to interpretation sso i cannot say that i am completley 100% correct on this but i am drawing it from factual sources. he just may have meant something different but keeping in mind taht this album, antichrist superstar reflected mansons past present and future. i beleive that this as the fourth can be safe to assume meant to represent his adolescence. disposable teens depicts the second beast... or th first...
  • Shay from Davis, CaI've always seen deep meanings in his songs, then I came to this one & i was a bit... confused at its randomness. It's cool to know it's not just gibberish.
  • Lisa from Ocala, Flcorrect me if im wrong, but didnt manson grow up catholic and go to a catholic school? i mean, you all are so suprised that he knows so much about the bible... he went to a catholic school but didnt really get the point of god....etc.... i ono .. but you get the point....
  • Jake from Houston, TxActually, the little horn person in the dream is the same guy who emerges from the water in Disposable Teens. "He arose from the water with large iron teeth that he used to smash his enemies with..."

    Manson knows more about the bible than the average Christians.
  • Ian from New York, NyI bet god would have mercy. That is if he existed. If you can't take what he's saying then maybe you should hug your bible or something.
  • Laura from Fort Wayne , InWhat he stands for and promotes scares me and gives me a sick feeling in my gut. God have mercy on us all.
  • Twitch from Staten Island, NyIf you check out the Christian Bible, In the book of Daniel: chapter 7, verse 8 it Describes "little horn" as the fifth beast Daniel sees in a dream, and is said to be the most "prowd and powerful one", i.e The Antichrist.
  • Brittany from Toronto, CanadaI love marilyn manson, he's amazing
  • Lex from London, EnglandPossibly with the coming out of the water theory, he's acting as Little Horn in the video for Disposable Teens?
  • Brett from Edmonton, CanadaThat the "little horn" is the antichrist is the traditional Christian interpretation.
  • Brian from Paoli, InThat's pretty interesting stuff. I think Manson is a great song writer, most people that hear his songs would have no idea they have such deep meanings.
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