Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)

Album: Smells Like Children (1995)
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  • Eurythmics originally recorded this song in 1982. Manson gave it a much more ominous sound fitting of the band.
  • The album is a collection of remixes and covers, with a few originals. This was the only song to get a lot of attention.
  • This paved the way for Manson's next record, Antichrist Superstar, to debut at #3 on the US albums chart. This put him in strange company: The top two spots were held by Celine Dion and Kenny G.
  • Around the time this was released, Manson was gaining a cult following of alienated white suburban teens.
  • This became a hit thanks to MTV, which declared this a "Buzzworthy" video and put it in heavy rotation.
  • This was produced by Nine Inch Nails leader and Manson's mentor, Trent Reznor.
  • Manson often comes up with song inspiration in his dreams, but the idea to cover this song came from his first acid trip, according to his autobiography The Long Hard Road out of Hell. He says that he hallucinated a "slower, meaner" version of the dance hit playing, sung in his voice. >>
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    Stefano - Old Bridge, NJ
  • In Manson's auto-biography, he related to this song by mentioning that he met people who wanted to be abused by him; and who wanted to use him as well. >>
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    Renae - Mill Grove, PA

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  • Dan Gillespy from Courtenay BcI remember when this song first came out and I was like what a cool song and it is better than the Eurythmics version.
  • Darvin from TexasI was at Trees in Deep Ellum ( Dallas, Texas) in 1995 and MM performed this for perhaps the first time. That's the same night they tossed the live chicken into the crowd. Good times.
  • Cole from Your Moms Housewhen i first heard this song i was like, oh i think this is marliyn manson but this sounds familiar, than i was listening and i yelled in my car, "THIS IS SWEET DREAMS". ive been hooked ever since
  • Ashley from Chattanooga, TnI can't stand the original version of this song from the '80s but I like Marilyn Manson's version.
  • New York from Clarksville TnActually, if you take the time to go read t he tabs for the two songs, they are NOT the same. Similiar, maybe, but they do have different notes being played.
  • Jax from Redwood, CaCreepy. Would be good in a horror movie.
  • Daniel from Winchester, Ohwho cares if he copied Ozzy with the main riff, this song still kicks ass!!, one of the first Marilyn Manson songs I got into..
  • Bubba from Reno, NvI KNOW!! Maybe eurythmics copied ozzy hoping no one would notice bcuz of the genre difference. Its way mor obvious with manson's version!
  • Kane from Wytheville, Vayes the main riff is JUST like crazy train!
  • Angela from Cartersville, GaGod do i love the re-make of this song its so freakin alosme!! i like the way its dark and sinister. in the way how its dark and stuff it sounds soo much better than the first cause the first one was really happy like!!=)
  • T.j. from Southern Shores,Did anyone notice that the main riff is just "Crazy Train" by Ozzy Osbourne played slow
  • Beau from Mount Gambier, Australiai love the video more than the song
  • Amy from Nunyabiz, Althis video's awsome. the song's old tho. still good but old.
  • Liz from Yulee, Fldamn, im glad SOME people can stille asily go to a manson consert...he got banned from my towns closest concert site, Jacksinville.....it sucks balls
  • Desiree from Powers Lake, Ndmanson has the BEST concerts ever..he can really rock and put on a show!!! this song is the best ever...slow and original...and who ever says there has to be a meaning to every song written it could be just a feeling they had at that time that inspired them to wtite it...slipknot does it all the time...and they have become very successful at it...let manson do his own thing..hes good at what he does so why cant ppl just accept that!?...hes actually a very nice guy...my uncle met him and hes said he is nothing compared to what he looks like...i respect him for doing his own thing...cant wait for another concert!!!
  • Krista from Elyria, OhManson is a scary man. He looks like he's dead and sounds like he died- for the 2nd time.
  • Brad from Topeka, KsSince several posts have asked for the meaning of the song, here it is:
    (I read this in an interview with Annie Lennox years ago.)
    This song actually stemmed from a verbal argument between Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart of Eurythmics, the writers/original performers. During their disagreement, Dave started to play the melody of this song, and Annie began singing the lyrics off the top of her head. With the exception of "hold your head up-keep your head up-movin' on" in the original version, the song wrote itself.
    Not a Manson fan. He took one of my favorite songs, and destroyed it. While I have found a new respect for him after seeing his profound and thoughtful interview in Michael Moore's film 'Bowling For Columbine', I am not a fan of his musical style...but he sells. He took a gimmick that is pretty much his own and has made millions from it. Gotta respect that.
  • Esther from Sauwerd, NetherlandsHe pushes people in two categories. Wanting to be abused, and wanting to abuse. So basically he's saying that everyone has his fantasies, even the people you wouldn't expect it from. He puts an ectra hand on his image at the bridge, where he sings 'I'm gonna use you, and abuse you'. That's typically Manson. I love it.
  • Kimberly from Kettering, Ohi like this song....yeah. the song lyrics are a bit disturbing tho. good song.
  • Tyler from Buffalo, NyThis was definately the better version listen to the lyrics its not supposed to be happy and manson found that out first i guess
  • Joker from Sydney, Australialol the meaning is the most obviouse. manson iss litterally catagorising all people into two catagories. some people like to be abbused and ssum people like to do the abbusing...
    the meaning is basically and i almost quote. when we take something like this that seems so innocent and good and show it for what it really is thats when people are scared... i love it bbecuase its so twisted. like.
    at the end hes like. i just wanna know. what in side you. and yeah... its so inspirational...
  • Brandi from Blue Earth, Mni dont think this song has a real meaning...i mean think about it--when the Eurythmics sang it nobody was talking about the meaning...i think the only reason everyone thinks there is a meaning behind it is because its sung by Manson now...if it was sung by say-the backstreet boys-everyone would say "damn lipsyncers...their flippin producers wrote that song for them" (but still i like this song)
  • Dennis from Anchorage, AkThis is absolutely the worst thing that Manson ever recorded. Actually, it's just about the worst thing the Eurythmics ever recorded too - almost all their songs were better than this. All Manson did was make it sound worse and last longer. I'm sure he had his reasons, but he's done better work.
  • Shay from Davis, CaThis is a great song, one of his first songs that I heard, and it's much better than the original. The originals too light and skippy. I like how this one's dark and slow.
  • Sarah Floyd from Bloomingdale, Ili like this song because he sings it in a low voice. and i like that low voice and i am a wierd. and i also like this song because my cousin likes this song and i have the cd.!
  • Pete Townshend from Sussex, England, EnglandThis song means that you must have a nice day be happy and make other people happy.
  • Jake from Houston, TxIt is amazing how just by changing the tone and speed of the song it can have such a darker meaning...
  • Bernard from Caracas, South AmericaListened to it once, but there's nothing like the real thing...
  • Suraj from Mumbai, IndiaThe video of this song sends chills down me spine!!!
  • Jake from Houston, TxIf you play the first sixty seconds backwards, it sounds like "You must obey us" several times.
  • Ana from Lokev, Europei think this song surely has a meaning but there is no need to discover it - the writer knows what he wanted to say. but my opinion is that the writer wanted to say that we all have 'sweet dreams' - about a life that would suit us perfectly. everybody is looking for something, because nothing makes us completly happy.
  • Bojan from Belgrade, SerbiaManson's versions of the song is a disaster.
    I admit that I changed my opinion [in certain way] on Manson after listening to his [very correct!] views in one of Michael Moore's movies but, all in all, the man is insane. As is everything he does.

    The meaning of the song is clear from the lyrics - views and opinions on how life goes based on the experience of the writers [Lennox/Stewart].
    The original version is a masterpiece and is as actual and fresh today as it was back then.
  • God from UsaHassan maybe you can look into more of Eurythmics version to find out what they meant. I think I am going to look into it here.
  • Reesa from Cazenovia, NyAlright kids...Stop looking for meanings everywhere. This is a song, not a basis to start a religion on. If there wasn't a meaning in the original, there wont be one in the cover...

    Also, on another note.... I fear some are misinterpreting the phrase "want to be used". Think of the most masochistic thing ever. Amplify it by ten fold and throw in sex. There you go.

    And Julz says you're all idiots. Go to hell.
  • Martin from Birmingham, Englandthere's no meaning to this song. Manson couldnt have meant anything by it because its not his song. It was made to be a quirky dance hit for the eurythmics, but sounds meaningful done by manson
  • Betsy from Glenview, IlUm, I'll keep the Eurythmics version, thanks.
  • Ken from San Diego, CaAre you serious? This song rocks, just meant to rock out to not to have a meaning.
  • Adrian from Merthyr Tydfil, Ali used 2 hate marilyn manson - but he actually is pretty good - it was this song that turned ne into a fan when i saw it in the movie 'house on haunted hill'
  • Hassan from Nyc, NyHey I think i know the meaning of this song, well it's my opinion, so you don't have to think it this way. well i belive that this song is about that some ppl get what they want, adn others don't. and ppl can dream about thses things, adn tehy can travel aroud the seven seas to search for it. And alos i belive that some ppl wnat to use others, wehn others wnat to get used. and when he says' "Sweet dreams are made of of this" i think he acalluy decribes teh rest of the song, then he says that this is how sweet dreams are, and this is what tehy are made of of. only the thnig is that eh says it all the ways at teh beginning without acally explainign what sweet dreams were comeposed of.
  • Ian from New York, NyI saw this song live and it was amazing! Oh and about the meaning, I don't think there is one.
  • Dan from Republic, WaBut what's the meaning behind this song?!
  • Joseph from Manteca, CaI love manson, but this song is terrible...his cover's are awful...his originals are great though...
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