The Sound

Album: The Sound (2008)


  • Tina Campbell of Mary Mary explained to SoulTracks why the duo titled the album The Sound: "There are so many different sounds that we've experimented with while making the record, but the main point is that when you hear a certain sound in someone's voice, you know what they're feeling, no matter what it is they're saying. There's a sound of victory, the sound of desperation, the sound of joy, the sound of sadness... you can hear a scream, but that scream is telling you, 'I am moving on, I hate where I'm at, I'm gone." That's kinda what we talk about, we're gonna make you feel something. We got a little bit of everything on the CD, and there's no one song that's indicative of the next. It's clearly faith-based music, but you hear all kinds of formats on one record. At the end of the day, it's all about God, and it's all good."


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