Girl I Love You

Album: Heligoland (2010)


  • This track features the vocals of roots reggae master Horace Andy, who is a long time associate of Massive Attack. He also appears on another Heligoland track, "Splitting The Atom."
  • Grant "Daddy G" Marshall paid tribute to Andy's openness to participate in something outside his normal musical boundaries to Spinner UK. He said: "Working with Horace [Andy], these are songs that are as far removed from what Horace would be doing in Jamaica as the sun is from the moon. It's a brilliant thing to know that someone like Horace has had the guts to come out of his idiom and work with us. I sometimes take the piss out of Horace, I say to him, 'Horace if you were to go back and play some of your tracks to your Jamaican friends they'd look at you like some weirdo.' It's so off-the-wall."
  • Robert "3D" del Naja discussed Horace Andy's contribution to this track with The Independent February 12, 2010: "Some people have said in reviews, 'Oh, this is classic Massive and Horace doing what Horace does.' And I've thought, 'well actually that's not quite right', because, with Horace, you've got to understand the depth of the man. He's really coming from this kind of reggae, lovers' rock, Studio One type of background and we've taken him out of that and got him to do completely different things with us. Horace would love us to do lovers' rock. He goes back to Jamaica and his old-skool sparring partners over there are like, 'what is that weird white-man music you've been making with those boys in Bristol again...?'. They don't really understand that s--t at all. And Horace is like, 'why don't you make me a hit single, so I can have a big hit in America like Shaggy?'. And we're like, 'shut up Horace, we've done this minimal tune'. But he loved the results. It's fun working with him."
  • When this song was first played live it was known by its working title of "16 Seeter."


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