Album: South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut (1999)
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  • This song was used in the 1999 movie South Park: Bigger Longer and Uncut while Shiela Brofloski is explaining to the parents that the kids' language is far out of order. After watching the Canadian movie Terrance and Phillip: Asses of Fire, which contained lots of flatulence and coarse language, the kids started using dirty words. Shiela told them to Blame Canada, as that is the only explanation for the horrendous behavior of the children. The song and movie make a point that adults can be really stupid, and will often assign blame to whatever is convenient.
  • This song was performed at the Academy Awards by Robin Williams. >>
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  • "Blame Canada" was nominated for an Oscar, but lost to Phil Collins' "You'll Be In My Heart" from the movie Tarzan. The South Parkers took aim at Collins, portraying him on a subsequent South Park episode holding his Oscar the entire time and being very disagreeable.
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  • Kyle from Toronto, OnHaha i love this song
  • Arthur from Lakeland, FlIt was for the song "You'll Be In My Heart" from the movie "Tarzan".
  • Arthur from Lakeland, FlI think some song by Phil Collins won the oscar. I'll check later.
  • Arthur from Lakeland, FlI was really hoping Blame Canada would win the Oscar. It is a great song sung by a great person. RIP Mary Kay Bergman.
  • Musicmama from New York, NyI watched that Oscars ceremony in which Robin Williams sang, "Blame Canada." Yes, Brian from NY, it deserved to win. For the life of me, I can't remember what song won.
  • Lester from New York City, NyMatt & Trey tried to get 'Uncle F****r' nominated for the Oscar, but had to settle for 'Blame Canada'.
  • Brian from New York, Nyshould have won the oscar
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