Made You Look

Album: Takin' It Back (2022)
Charted: 2
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  • Meghan Trainor wrote "Made You Look" following a C-section when giving birth to her first child, Riley. After her caesarean delivery, she got new stretch marks and a scar, making her feel very self-conscious about her body.

    "I've never had a scar, so seeing all these new marks on me, like literally, I had PTSD after having a C-section because you have to be awake," Trainor told Rolling Stone: "So I would lay in bed at night and be like 'She's still in me.' I had to learn how to love my body with all this new s--t on top of it. And it was frightening and terrible."

    Trainor wrote this self-love song to mitigate her body-image issues. She tells herself that even though she'd had a baby and her body shows it, she's still sexy.
  • As an exercise, Trainor's therapist told her to look at herself naked for five minutes. It's one of the hardest things she's ever done, but it inspired this song.
  • I could have my Gucci on
    I could wear my Louis Vuitton
    But even with nothin' on
    Bet I made you look

    Trainor wrote "Made You Look" after singing the chorus naked in the shower. She recounts catching her actor husband Daryl Sabara's attention without needing expensive clothes or accessories.

    "I wrote the song about the fact that, yes, I could wear all the fancy clothes ever and I can be dressed up with my stylist and my makeup artist," Trainor said. "But I can still be hot with nothing on. I can still look good naked. So that was that song."
  • Trainor co-wrote "Made You Look" with Sean Douglas (Demi Lovato's "Sorry Not Sorry," "Thomas Rhett's "Die a Happy Man") and producer Frederico Vindver for her Takin' It Back album.
  • The song finds Trainor revisiting the doo-wop sound of her debut 2015 album Title. She returned to her debut record's sound after its title track blew up on TikTok in 2021. "It was like, 'they like that doo-wop stuff? What?!'" she told Official Charts Company. "And then a co-writer came in one day and told me an artist they were working with wanted to do 'the Meghan Trainor sound.' I was like, oh, that's my sound? Ok!"
  • The vibrant and colorful music video features Trainor in big Hollywood set ups. Daryl Sabara joins her, along with JoJo Siwa, Scott Hoying and TikTok personalities Chris Olsen, Remi Bader, Becca Means, and Drew Afualo. "I knew for this music video that I wanted it to be bright, fun colors," Trainor told People.

    Trainor added that she wanted it to feel an elevated version of her debut single "All About That Bass," but "more saturated."
  • "Made You Look" became Trainor's first Hot 100 hit in four years after it went viral on TikTok. Users deployed the song to soundtrack videos rejecting the sexualization of female bodies.


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