...And Justice For All

Album: ...And Justice For All (1988)
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  • This song is about false justice and how some people pay the judge to fix the court case: "Halls of justice painted green, money talkin'..." >>
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    James - Raytown, MO
  • "...And justice for all" are the last words of the Pledge of Allegiance, which is commonly said in American schools at the beginning of the day.
  • There is a 1979 movie called ...And Justice For All starring Al Pacino and Jeffrey Tambor that may have inspired this song. Pacino plays a lawyer who realizes that the justice system is full of corruption and favoritism. >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France, for above 2
  • Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett and James Hetfield are the credited writers on this track, which runs 9:47.
  • This album showcased some of Metallica's most complex music. Some of the songs were so complex that the band had a difficult time reproducing the sound for their tour in support of the album. This also might have something to do with why they used many more simplistic rifts on their next album, Metallica (better known as The Black Album). Kirk Hammett stated in an interview that once the band had finished playing this song, one of them up and said, "We're never playing that f--king song ever again."
  • On June 28th 2007, Metallica finally played this song live. It was the first time the band had performed this song in over 20 years. During the "Sick of The Studio" tour, this song gained a spot on the setlist. >>
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    JT - Tullahoma, TN, for above 2
  • The Danish producer Flemming Rasmussen worked on the album, handling the engineering and co-producing it with Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield. "That took some effort to do because there were so many parts," he said of the title track in a Songfacts interview. "It's four songs in one! I always get surprised when I hear it.

    But that's played from beginning until the end - the bits. We did a bit, and when a bit was cool, we'd do the next bit, and so on. And this is still all analog tape, so that is all me punching in."

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  • Sam from MinnesotaNever mind, I found it.
  • Sam from MinnesotaThere was a movie in 1979 called ...And Justice For All, I wonder if there's a connection.
  • Ilovewhatyouhate from Lake Providence, LaThe Power Of James Hetfield With No Music!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vY-09W82co

    And another thing why does Metallica fans feel like Metallica owes them anything? Metallica doesn't owe you s--t! If anything you owe them! They were a garage band until the death of James' mother so you should love and appreciate them instead of always complaining and comparing them to Megadeth.

    These guys are f--kin amazing! They improved metal music! more headbanging, more speed, more everything! Metallica forever!
    I jog to their music, I could clean my house forever to their music, I take kick boxing class to their music, Self defense classes to their music, I exercise to there music .
    I used to be an over weight pushover until discovery of bands like Pantera, Acdc, Megadeth , now I'm super charged with energy and I win the fight cause I'm TNT!
  • Willie from Scottsdale, AzThey played this on the tour in support of this album...as far back as 1989. Look on Youtube.
  • Zero from Nowhere, NjYeah, I love Metallica, but I really think they could have treated Jason better than they did. They treated him like crap the whole time he was in the band and rarely let him contribute. It's no excuse that they were mad that they lost thier good friend Cliff (R.I.P.) Jason was their savior at the time and he deserved better.

    On another note; the "Load" and "ReLoad" projects were mostly the doing of Lars and Kirk. They wanted to be more artistic or whatever; James was completely opposed to the idea and Jason had no say 'cause he was Jason. I'm not a hater of those albums and I actually think they're of better quality than "Death Magnetic".
  • Jacob from Jackson, TnIngenious title, and an even greater song. And their longest. While "To Live is to Die" is technically longer (by three seconds), that song goes right into "Dyers Eve," and doesn't really have an ending. So, I consider this one their longest. Anyway, this whole album was ingenious, as the lyrics were written in a totally different poetic style than Metallica had ever had before, and the music is progressive. All the rythms are at least somewhat complicated, and Lars got to go *off* on this album. The double bass patterns in this album...not just like "Dyers Eve," but the quick double bass patterns for transition, like in "...And Justice for All." This is my favorite album by Metallica, despite the fact that the Bass [Guitar] is basically inaudible (although I'm not a big fan of that aspect.) This could have been their greatest album if the Bass was able to be heard.
  • Charles Hollingswort from Leeds, AlMetallica is and always will be the best Heavy Metal band EVER!!!
  • Whiplash from Glendale, NyOne of metallica's greatest songs... this song owns in meaning, opening riff and solo!
  • Renata from Bucharest, RomaniaMetallica..they are for me both gods of rock and good friends, i have a guitar feather from their concert.Metallica actually changed my life. I can't think about them other than with love and the feeling that they are way greater than anything else. Every song is a world, a piece of art..Metallica..shining with brightness..
  • Mem from Melbourne, Australiajeff from cassa you are in the minority of that thinking saying the albums after justice were crap! CD sales are massive & concerts always full. they are still relative & get new fans everyday. long live this song & album plus all their music!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Nick from Cairns, AustraliaJeff, like lars, everyone gets money and at some point will get greedy in their lives to get what they want. I'm not even gonna force you to like their 90's stuff but don't say something stupid like lars wanted money. Me, well i consider every metallica album a piece of art (even st. anger), thats just my opinion and taste in music.
  • Matt from Houston, Txyou mean no leaf clover
  • Shawn from Green Bay, WiMetallica got nothing but better in my opinion. Ride the Lightning was an amazing album, altogether, but I would take "Unforgiven," "Hero of the Day" and "4 Leaf Clover" any day.
  • Eric from Aston, PaI agree with the meaning of the song they have fully. I also think it can mean about how some people deserve justice but have no justice and how judges can just decide you guilty if he damn well just wants to for no reason. So I think my two meanings and the meaning they give can all fit, and ...And Justice For All can mean all of them at once.
  • Jeff from Casa Grande, AzThis was The first album I ever bought. Well, actually, my step-mom purchased it for me, but with my money and with me asking her to do it. I was under 18 years old at the time. I still recognize that smell of the lyric sheet. Awesome. I tell you, I remember so well when this album came out and the fiasco during the awards show where Metallica lost to Jethro Tull for best metal album of the year. But, hell yeah! This album was ground breaking. It was THE heaviest thing ever recorded (at the time). I remember kids walking around just mumbling the words to "One." My favorite from this album is and always will be "Blackened." But, they are all good, damn good songs. Check out also, "Frayed ends of sanity." You know, when you play this album, it must be played extremely loud. Anything else is sacrilege. Long live the old Metallica. Btw: this band has sucked hard core after this album. Any newbies need to know that. Listen to Kill 'em all, Ride the Lightening, Garage Days RE-revisited, Master of Puppets, and of course . . . And Justice For All. The rest of their albums are crap. The "Black" album wasn't too bad. But, the band was in it's decline by then. Lars wanted money. He let go of the whole talent thing at that point. James should go back to being a drunk, maybe then they might put out a decent album. "Is your money that good?" Lars and James?
  • "ro" from Louisville, KyThe"Justice"album is by far the best written,produced,and played piece of metal in the history of metal music!unfortunately no other band comes close to writing a "Justice" album....not even Metallica themselves.Greed got the best of em'!
  • Donald from Corpus Christi, TxI love the album and guess what i was born a year after the albums release.
  • Jos from Amos, QcI dunno if it was on purpose, or if I'M the only one who think that, but I actaully think that "And Justice For All" sounds pretty much like "Injustice For All" when the And & Justice are said somewaht fast.
  • Alex from Wayland, Mnkirk usually plays the more challenging notes so i think im rihgt
  • Alex from Wayland, Mni think it was james with kirk backing but im not positive
  • Aki from Sunrise, FlSomebody please post an answer to this one bet me and my friends are having based on the first 20 seconds of this song. We all love that part, but can't decide who performed it. One friend says it was Kirk with James backing, another says it was James with Jason backing, and I say that it was James all by himself. So who's right?
  • Allen from Gunni, CoPretty f---ing awesome song. Enough said.
  • Aki from Sunrise, FlThis has to be one of my favourites. Lars's techniques here are the reason I want to be a drummer.
  • Isaac from New Haven, Ctyo phil, are you talking about the heavy section from about :57 to 1:05, because that part makes me laugh too. I dont know why. I also laugh at the part where james goes "the ultimate in VANNITYYYAAUH" i always get a kick out of that.
  • Jay from West Conshohocken, Pathey should play this song at my job when the bell rings to start. It is nut's to many man making two many problems.
  • J from Boston, MaTo RG in San Diego....dude get your facts straight...Jason Newsted was and IS and AWESOME bass player. he was the best choice they could have back then, to tell you the truth the ONLY reason why i didn't want him joinin Metallica was becasue he was the Bass player and Main songwriter of the band Flotsam And Jetsam. He wrote Doomsday for the Deceiver and his bass riffs are AMAZING. Once he joined Metallica he was tied down and they didn't let him contribute in the writing proccess at all. which is a real shame. I was so happy he was in the band and I thought they would actually be heavier with his input, but like I said before they didn't let him co-write and each album got popier and popier. Robert is awesome yes, but Jason is better musicaly . And i seen both live, Jason in Metallica and Robert with Suicidal and Infectious grooves and I am telling you jason is better ....to bad he also got more Pop in him thanks to the Pop-allica dudes influence.
  • Rg from San Diego, CaRob Trujillo is one of a very few guys then or now who's ever come close to replacing Cliff. Newsted was an o.k. bassist, but the guys didn't make a good decision when they hired him. Jason had a look but not enough talent to join but hey, I don't blame them. Having Cliff yanked like that just drove them insane which in turn affected some decisions. Cliff's death is the reason '..And Justice For All' was an all balls out, heavy, dark album.
  • Dylan from Olmsted Falls, United StatesSo many different riffs, so much crazyness, I love it!! Jason Newsted was and is a great bassist., not as good as Cliff(RIP), but he was turned way too low for anyone to even hear the mad skill he possessed(sp?) ...And Justice For All
  • Jeffy from Jellico, Tnit is a GREAT album but most people overlook it there always pick "metallica(AKA-the black album) or "master of puppets" which are both great but this a great one to i'd pick it over the black album any day!
  • Gavin from Sydney, Australiathis is an awesome track by a top metal group
    rock on metallica
  • Nick from Paramus, NjIt was said that the complicated song structures on this album were the reason for the relatively simple structures on their next album, the Black Album. After the first time Metallica played this song live, when they were backstage. one of them said, "We're never playing that f***ing song again!" Apparently, they couldn't keep up the pace of the songs in a live setting night after night. Recently, though, they have started playing more songs off this album and other older albums, I guess this is partly because of the addition of veteran bassist Robert Trujillo(sp?). If you've seen him performing live you'd see how good he is and frankly I think Jason Newsted had a hard time keeping up with Metallica, he was a small fish in a great lake.
  • Suzanne from White Rock, CanadaI love Metallica, i am not a huge heavy Metal fan but have always and truly loved METALLICA. Live on guys.
  • Qumby from Arlington, VaThis Song is great. James and Kirk make an amazing Pair. ...And Justice For All (the album) is a master piece.
  • Marc from Niagara Falls, Canadathis song is amazing and unique.Metallica was known for using a slow melodic intro at the second song of each of their first 4 albums.The Whole ...And Justice For All album is brilliant.
  • Phil from Niagara Falls, Canadaawesome song. the beginning makes me laugh for some reason.
  • Steven from Viking, Canadai like some of the riffs in the song and it is my favorite album
  • Steven from Viking, CanadaEven though it says i posted the lyrics, My friend dallas posted them on my computer.
  • Steven from Viking, Canadathis song is one of the best ever written
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