Dyers Eve

Album: …And Justice for All (1988)


  • Metallica singer James Hetfield had a difficult upbringing in small-town California. His truck driver father walked out on the family whilst his Christian Scientist mother's beliefs led to her dying young from cancer after refusing treatment. In this song, Hetfield's anger at his family comes out. He told Rolling Stone magazine that there is "a lot of blame in that song." He added that he blamed his family for "Insulating and alienating, which happened a lot with our religion [Christian Science]. That song was about being in a cocoon, and now that I'm out on my own, oh, my God, the world is shocking me. I don't know how to deal with this stuff. I don't know how to deal with grief, poverty, confrontation. How to live on my own, after father leaving, mother dying."
  • The band did not perform this live in its entirety until March 5, 2004 when they played it at the Great Western Forum in Los Angeles during Metallica's Madly in Anger with the World tour.

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  • Paulo Pereira from Yonkers, NyDoes anyone know what the title refers to?
  • Zander from Los AngelesRaw Thrash.
  • Ian from Ragama, Sri Lanka (ceylon)Well I' lucky I don't have parents like that. I too feel deeply sorry for the things James lost. But in a twisted way I feel happy for those losses. The reason I'm saying this is that if he didn't suffer like that in his childhood we will not have a artist like James or as a matter of fact a lot of the artists who struggled in their lives.
  • Rickey from Lansing, Mii realy connect to this song, its a great song
  • Ronnie from Herning, --You really feel the anger and Jaymz' disappointment in this song. The riff is aggresive, the solo is wild and untamed and also aggresive, his singin' is great!!

    The lyrics speaks for them selves - not much to analyse...

    5/5 - Dyers Eve is great!!
  • Adam from Yarmouth, MeThis song is very good and I am sorry for James loses.
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