Wherever I May Roam

Album: Metallica (1991)
Charted: 25 82
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  • James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich wrote this about life on the road. Metallica loves to tour and they used to have up to 200 shows on their tours. The song talks about the weary travels during and at the end of the tour. Kirk Hammett was quoted saying after the Wherever I May Roam tour, "I bought a house last year that I haven't even seen yet!" >>
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    Josh - El Paso, TX
  • The instrument used at the beginning is an electric sitar. Kirk Hammett used it again when they played this with the San Francisco Orchestra in 1999. This can be heard on their album S&M.
  • The odd "cracking" sound heard throughout the song is from a 12-string bass that Jason Newsted used on the track.
  • The intro of the guitar solo near the end of the song was adapted from a Jimi Hendrix solo. Kirk Hammett has openly admitted this. >>
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    JT - Tullahoma, TN, for above 3
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Comments: 21

  • Zander from Los AngelesI don't hear an "odd cracking sound" Help?
  • Bahgalow from Rockford, IlReally?? I thought this song was about a bum.. Like a bum that begs for change.. Never thought about it in the "Touring" outlook.. Hmmm..
  • Isis from Queens, NyThis is one of my favorites, love the beginning. I think the song is obviously about being on the road though.
  • Jordan from Liberty City, Txi love the sitar intro but i cant find it on napster always just starts at the heavy part...
  • Adam from Clinton Township, MiThis song is Metallica's answer to Seger's 'Turn The Page'. Both songs are about life as a traveling musician.
  • Oliver from Rizal, Philippinesit's about satan roaming.........
  • Danny from Des Moines, IaHey Varun, it's an electric sitar. You should watch the S&M version. Not only is it sick, but it also shows Kirk playing his sitar at the beginning. This song was written on the Phrygian scale which makes it sound more Eastern. Wikipedia says "Eye of the Beholder" is as well. I've heard Metallica wants to sound more Eastern on the new album, so expect some possible killers like this one. I don't work for Metallica, btw. I just love them so much.
  • Brian from Richmond , VaMy all-time favorite Metallica song off of my favorite album of all time, Metallica's self titled CD, more commonly known as the Black Album.

    The song is high octane energy. I absolutely love the beginning and the ending of the song. I play this song at least once every week. I love the lyrics and Lars is mean on the drums.
  • Colleen from Mankato, MnI have not heard every song by Metallica, but out of the ones I have heard, this is my absolute favourite.
  • Lars Ulrich from CopenhagenOur band (Absinthe) used to play this all of the time. It's a cool song.
  • Bob from New York, NyThis song reminds me of a soldier or samurai who just walks the earth without a care or goal.
  • Jt from Tullahoma, Tnthis is my favorite off the Black Album, hands down.
  • Mongrol from Istanbul, Turkeyone of my favourittes.. it's about freedom, and raw anarchism..... lots of power in this song...
  • Steven from Viking, CanadaThis song rules along with the rest of the black album
  • Charbel from SydneyU can feel the sadness in this music, the way the music is played, i feel like it expresses some kind of very sad moment like death or so....
    GREAT SONG!!! i love it
  • Niels from Denmark, DenmarkThe intro:
    James played the intro with a sitar which is an Indian folk instrument.

    The background:
    Lars used some further percussion and electronic sound effects for enriching the sound of the background.
  • Paulo from India, United StatesOne of the stronger tracks on the album.
  • Daniel from Sydney, AustraliaIt's a sitar which Kirk played which is why when ever this song is played live, the intro is played through on a tape
  • Varun from Delhi, IndiaCan someone tell what instrument is kinda used for the intro : An Indian Sitar or the regular guitar with a Sitar like Distortion???
  • Mariah from Miami, FlYeah, it's almost like... Sitar-sounding...
  • Jamie from Noel Shore, CanadaThis Song Kicks Ass...Especially The Intro :)
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