Give In To Me

Album: Dangerous (1991)
Charted: 2


  • This was released as a single in Europe, Australia and New Zealand but not in North America or Asia. It topped the New Zealand singles charts for four weeks.
  • The song features guitarist Slash of Guns N' Roses.
  • This was written, arranged and composed by Michael Jackson and produced by Jackson and Bill Bottrell. R&B and hip-hop producer Teddy Riley worked on many of the tracks on Dangerous. He commented to "Bill Bottrell put in some great production on this track. Because he had his hand in there it ended up sounding perfect. He had the magic touch and had everything levelled up nicely. He's been doing it for so long. He's the best with microphones, and knowing where to sit the instruments on the track. He's really good. I also like Bruce Swedien who mixed some tracks on this album. I'd never worked with Brucey before that. But I always ask for him as an engineer after working with him on this."
  • The rock band Three Days Grace covered this song in 2012.

Comments: 4

  • Chi Girl from NigeriaTalk to me woman - not like a lady!
  • Emma from Christchurch, New ZealandMore like the most hetero man in existence :)
  • Emma from Christchurch, New ZealandHow people can think he was homosexual, asexual or a pedophile after listening to this song is beyond me. It is quite simply the sexiest song ever written and MJ wouldn't have to ask me twice ;)
  • Shauna from Atlatna, GaThis is one of MJ's sexiest songs.
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