They Don't Care About Us

Album: HIStory (1995)
Charted: 4 30


  • This was the fourth single released from Jackson's 1995 album HIStory.
  • The song generated controversy for Jackson when he was accused of penning anti-Semitic lyrics. Upset at the media scrutiny it generated, Jackson issued multiple apologies, insisting that he wasn't intending to get at any member of the Jewish community and re-recorded the track. In the US, radio stations were reluctant to play the controversial composition and it only reached #30. In Europe it was more successful, reaching the top ten of most countries.
  • Two music videos were filmed, both directed by Spike Lee. One featured a handcuffed Jackson in prison, interspersed with real footage of police attacking African Americans and other human rights abuses. The second video showed Jackson dancing with his fans in Brazil. Jackson's presence in Rio de Janeiro's drug-run Dona Marta was the first step in the favela's transformation. "This process to make Dona Marta better started with Michael Jackson," Claudia Silva, press liaison for Rio's office of tourism told Rolling Stone. "There are no drug dealers anymore, and there's a massive social project. But all the attention started with Michael Jackson."

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  • J. Shiva Kumar from NaraynkhedLove you Micheal song is fabulous excellent speech less
  • M from CanadaThe whole point of him using the Jew and k. words were to show the racist stance people take, he used it in the same pattern as he used the 'black man, blackmail, throw your brother in jail' he juxtapositioned it to compared it to anti-semitism, ie. nothing offensive whatsoever, he included them in the people who get mistreated for their religion.. to take it out is to act like he wasnt including jews in his message, when he was. there's nothing anti-semitic, in fact, the opposite. so stupid.
  • Passang Kit Lepcha from South Sikkim RavanglaI love this song... MJ you always in my heart
  • Truthseeker from UsaIt is Kick me Kike me Jew me Sue me. Stop the censorship.
  • Dan from London UkI love Michael Jackson and I see this song as a message to the uk to let them know that they don’t care about disabilities as a disabled person in the uk the society sweep disabilities under the rug to make way for fake celebrities there’s no equality,acceptance and awareness in the uk society for disabled people
  • Daniel from BrazilThe press wasn't ready for a Michael Jackson so different from the Off The Wall and Thriller eras. Now he was talking about prejudice, social problems and global issues, unlike the old days when his songs were all about partying and dating. They Don't Care About Us spits out the truth to the listener and makes them aware that are bigger problems out there such as racism and poverty.
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn July 16, 1996, the Sultan of Brunei {Hassanal Bolkiah}, who is a big fan of Michael Jackson, paid the 'King of Pop' about $15 million to perform* at his fiftieth birthday party...
    At the time Michael's "They Don't Care About Us" was at #45 on Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart; six weeks earlier it had peaked at #30 {for 4 weeks}, and those 4 weeks at #30 were also it's first four weeks on the chart, it spent 13 weeks on the Top 100...
    It reached #1 in Germany and #2 in Spain...
    * His performed sixteen songs, but "They Don't Care About Us" was not included in his performance.
  • Nida Rehman from PakistanI beleive Micheal selected the place with the Statue of Jesus to tell the illuminati that he is a beliver and what ever milaignations these elite people are putting on him can not make him weak or he will not take his steps back.
  • Judy from Orlando, FlMichael's message was one of compassion and charity not class envy, the poor are not elevated by destroying the rich. Corrupt government and restricted private enterprise creates poverty.
  • Ruby from Edinburgh, United Kingdomi luv this song. i guess it helps people see what the governmaent and rich people are doing but i don't think it will really help them. i guess it just gives them some sort of hope that there are people who really care.
  • Ekristheh from Halath, United StatesYes, they are from the 'favela'. If people coming to this page want to know about the favela and what goes on in Brazil, read the diaries of Carolina Maria de Jesus. Any library should have them.
  • Boris from Marechal Rondon, BrazilThose guys in Brazil, are not just fans. They live in the poorest parts of our citys. The title "they don´t care about us", means that the government and the rich people don´t care about their lives. I know ´cause i´m a brazilian.
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