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Album: HIStory (1995)
Charted: 1
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  • Jackson explained: "I remember writing 'Earth Song' when I was in Austria, in a hotel. And I was feeling so much pain and so much suffering of the plight of the Planet Earth. And for me, this is Earth's Song, because I think nature is trying so hard to compensate for man's mismanagement of the Earth. And with the ecological unbalance going on, and a lot of the problems in the environment, I think earth feels the pain, and she has wounds, and it's about some of the joys of the planet as well. But this is my chance to pretty much let people hear the voice of the planet. And this is 'Earth Song.' And that's what inspired it. And it just suddenly dropped into my lap when I was on tour in Austria."
  • When Jackson sang this at the 1996 Brit awards with a choir of children, he struck a Christ-like pose that did not go over well with Pulp lead singer Jarvis Cocker, who jumped on stage in protest of Jackson's "Messiah Complex." Cocker disrupted the performance, lifting his shirt and making a gesture with his butt. Said Cocker, "Rock stars have got big enough egos without trying to be Jesus."
  • This is Jackson's biggest hit in the UK, selling 1,038,821 copies. The single sold over three million copies worldwide. >>
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    Edward Pearce - Ashford, Kent, England, for all above
  • Jackson performed this for the first time in November 1995 on the German celebrity game show Wanna Bet?. >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France
  • Jackson produced this track with David Foster and Bill Bottrell. Foster has crafted hit for Chicago and Earth, Wind & Fire; Bottrell produced Sheryl Crow's Tuesday Night Music Club.

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  • Marlene Saraswat from DelhiIn reply to Cynthia from Savannah. Michael isn't talking to God. He's talking to us and government officials to reverse the damage we've done to the Earth.
  • Lee from OntarioI just love MJ, and I love this song. Brings me to tears every time I listen to it . Does anyone know what he says before the song starts playing ? I have the lyrics of the song but not the intro message. Thank you
  • Mark from East Coast UsDon't get me wrong, I think MJ had the best interests at heart, he really believed in what he did and wrote. But...he made it pretty clear which side he was on. He made loads of money for the music industry, and quit doing it and then got murdered for leaving.
  • Mark from East Coast UsI felt like the lyrics - as well as the video - were about those left behind after Jesus comes back.
    Michael also wrote We Are The World. In it, he wrote: "As God has shown us by turning stone to bread..." Perhaps someone flubbed that line writing it, but hmmm...I do not think so. Go check out where in the Bible the turning of stone to bread is discussed.
  • Mathews from Lusaka, ZambiaFrom Africa to the world lets take care of our planet and lets show love to one another, we are all human's in the eyes of our beloved Jesus the son of God
  • Kyle from St. Louis, IlProbably the greatest song ever written, I think. When I hear this I don't even think of Michael, just the voice of God being channeled through a human being..... And you can count songs like that on one hand.
  • Angela from Denham Springs, LaThis song realy spoke to me. Its got a great meaning. He is really hot. but his personality is evan better. he did some horrible things in life but dont we all he still has a great voice. and he is a great dancer. anyways the firs time i heard this dong i was drowning in tears because before this song i didnt think about or care about the earth that song got me thinking so much about the earth anf i could do so much to help i just didnt now i am so careful about what i do. King of pop RIP
  • Stella from London, United KingdomIn response to Cynthia.. Genesis 1:27 (King James Bible) states 'So God created man in his [own] image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.'. Far from being way out of order, and just as he was when he wrote 'We are the world' for USA for Africa, Michael Jackson is actually totally spot on and accurate in his thinking, just as clear and accurate as people like John Lennon, Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, and others. While it can be assumed (if you so believe) that Man is in God's image, it can also be said that morally and spiritually it seems that Man falls way short of God, despite the fact that very often Man assumes the role of God, and certainly when you look at the state of the world, society and how things are today you can be forgiven for thinking that in terms of spirituality and morality at least, Man is still as uncivilized as he ever was. Therefore who is it who is being 'way out of order' here, is it really Michael Jackson, is it God perhaps, or is it Mankind as a whole?
  • Charlie from Las Vegas, NvI don't know about the rest of you guys, but this song should've gone on the soundtrack to 'Avatar.' basically explains why i put it on my customized 'Avatar' soundtrack.
  • Sam from Warwick, AustraliaCynthia, I think you are on to something here, but the more telling line is in the second verse. "What about all the peace that you pledged your only son."
  • Mike from Santa Barbara, CaWhat a beautiful song. You don't have to be a militant environmentalist to enjoy it. The world lost an amazing talent when Jackson died.
  • Ruby from Edinburgh, United KingdomI really LOVE this song! I have been a Michael Jackson fan ever since I was 2. I remember seeing his THRILLER dance and moonwalk when I was young and trying to imitate it. BUt this song just made me cry. I started a recycling club at my church, middle school, and with a bunch of friends after I heard this song.
  • Robynn from Houston, TxI've read all of the comments and for my opinion I think this is a beautiful song. And I want to know why you people are always trying to find negatives with michael at least he is doing something to try and help us live. So don't go and say something about everything he does because i dont see you doing it. And he is sayin "do we give a damn".... Maybe you should go and read the lrics.. It might sound like he said something else but its like that in all of his songs you just have to read the lyrics and get it down to really know and understand. I love you michael!!!! R.I.P
  • Sor Pagna from Phnom Penh, Cambodia"What about killing fields" Can anyone tell me whether Michael Jackson, he was referring to Cambodia during year zero?
  • Sor Pagna from Phnom Penh, CambodiaThe first time I heard the "Ah-Ooh" chorus reminds me of Elton John's "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"
  • Shauna from Atlatna, GaThe chorus on this song is killer. Perfect production.
  • Janay from Blythewood, Sche sounds so great singing it and his hair style matched to his song the video was awsome and i love you michael jackson r.i.p
  • Austin from Pa, PaI always think the "Ah, Ooh" chorus reminds me of something enchanting from Cirque du Soliel. What about you guys? It's just a hypnotic song.
  • Upeksha from Colombo, Sri Lanka (ceylon)Cynthia, I think u misheard lyrics - MJ is referring to the disaster done by mankind to the earth - he's saying "Do we give a damn" not "Do you give a damn". I dont find any controversy with the lyrics.
  • Fulu Thompho from Limpopo, South Africadoes michael care about the earth? if he does, he should be active in some organizations that have something to do with the environment like WWF.
  • Aisha from Vadnais Height, MnAIsha:this song made me cry beacouse of the earth and our environment. i am so happy i hear this song
  • Cynthia from Savannah, GaI thought this song was one of his best and very touching. The earth has been destroyed. However, I would like to know who Michael Jackson is addressing his verbage to. Is he talking to GOD?? If he is, he is way out of order. Especially, at the end when he states "DO YOU GIVE A DAMN", I really need to know who is he talking to in this song. Can you help me???? Thank You. CINDY
  • Danielle from Titusville, FlHe seems so charismatic in this music video and in the lyrics. lol when i saw the music video at the end i thought it said they cut down one 3ed of the forest for this music video i re wend the dvd video thinking that thats pointless to make a song about global warning if you just going to destroy the forest for the music video for that song. but it really said one 3ed of it gets destroyed everyday something like that.
  • Sarah Floyd from Bloomingdale, Ilon second thought, with his ripped raggedy clothes with the boots and dirt on his face. i think he is hot like that. but i am not saying he should live like that. but i think he is so cute. this is why i am a fan of him. he is so awesome.
  • Lala from Anywhere, Mtthe video is nice but it is so strange to see him dressed in ripped up, ragged clothes with dirt on his face and combat boots while he is digging in the dirt. just thought i'd add that
  • The Prynce from Dillon / Hamer, ScProbably one of my favorite songs by Michael Jackson. It almost brings a tear to my eye. I only remember a small amount of the video but what I do remember was great. I need to watch it again...

    -=The Prynce
  • Sarah Floyd from Bloomingdale, Ilwell the begining is so long that i get to think about stuff. a then the song starts and then i try to think of the video so i can understand it well.
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