Stolen Dance

Album: Sadnecessary (2013)
Charted: 24 39
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  • Milky Chance is a pop-rock duo comprising vocalist Clemens Rehbein and DJ Philipp Dausch. Both originate from the German town of Kassel and are signed to Kassel-based label Lichtdicht Records in their home country.
  • This along with the other songs on Sadnecessary this one was recorded and mixed by the pair in a home studio. Released on April 5, 2013 as Milky Chance's debut single, the folk/pop/electronic mélange peaked at #2 in their home country and quickly became a European hit, topping the chart in Austria, Belgium (Wallonia), Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Luxembourg, Poland and Switzerland. It took a little to catch on in America: the song didn't reach its US chart peak of #39 until 21 months after it was first released.
  • In this song Milky Chance use an addict who is craving drugs to fuel his habit as a metaphor for someone missing their former lover. Clemens Rehbein explained to Artist Direct: "You want to spend time with a person but you can't because of some bad circumstances. It describes a feeling you have and expressing the aching for that person and perhaps the hope to see her again. You're hoping for good things."
  • Rehbein told Nylon magazine the story of the song: "I wrote the chorus two or three years ago, and then the verse a few years later," he said. "The whole song took a few years. I always have so many ideas in my head and so I'm always trying to find pieces to fit together and stick together. It's kind of puzzling, and that's the special thing about it. In general it takes a week or so to write a song, but sometimes you have ideas and don't know how to continue. Then you have to put them away and come back to them later, which is what I did."
  • The words 'stolen' and 'dancing' both appear in the song's lyrics, but separately. The title doesn't feature in the song.

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  • Lola The Dancer from United States I took it to mean meeting someone after you have been single for a long time after a bad relationship and you finally meet someone special and you want to be happy again, but the ability to feel joy has been compromised, ". . . get back the the time they have stolen from us". You don't even want to talk about it, you don't want to hear what anyone else has to say about it, you just want to get back out there and have fun and, "boogie all night long", "stoned in the paradise" of a new love.

    I guess the lyrics are vague enough so the mean different things to people.
  • Elijah from Nyc “Never danced like this before” “dancing on, do the bogie all night long. Stoned in paradise.” Uppers. Clearly geekin through the night
  • Erased Father from NzFor me the song reminds me of my situation of being a father separated from my daughter through the family courts by my vindictive ex and how badly I miss my little girl who was stolen from me.
  • Massascensionofconsiousness4humanity from TxStolen Dance to me is more of a spiritual song for me. The deeper meaning I see in the song is a man who sees an evil world and longs for the God of love and unity. Shocked and saddened by the world he sees, he is determined to address the evil on a spiritual level to get back the "stolen dance" thats been taking from him and everyone else in the world. "SHOULDN'T TALK ABOUT IT," "WE DON'T TALK ABOUT IT"
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