Where Eagles Dare

Album: Legacy Of Brutality (1985)
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  • This song is based on the movie Where Eagles Dare, starring Clint Eastwood and Richard Burton. Most of the Misfits' songs were based on movies, especially horror movies.
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  • Wayne from Ukit's about a punter (john) being rebuffed by predatory prostitutes. we walk the streets at night...they pick up every loser...jaded eyes and features (there's the whores). The line `her mouth of germicide...` the bit at the end is `seducing all your glans'. (glans? penis tip).....in the `let's test your threshold of pain' verse, the line often mis-quoted `that happened in your rape' is actually `that tie-pin in your retina' (not sure what the line after is though). great song!
  • Mike from Tx, TxBMG in Detroit nailed it with his comment. Misfits 'fans' take too many titles and suggestions far too literally, and then apply the belief that every single song must be about a movie or novel. Research, people. It's the internet. Not hard to find info. Better yet, spend some time talking to the band members from any era. It's not hard to do.
  • Diverdriver from Petaluma, CaThis song was on the "B" side of the single "Night of the Living Dead" released 10/31/79.The night of its release the band performed at Irving Plaza in New York City and sold the single at the door. 2000 copies were pressed on 7" vinyl.
  • Tyler from Soldier City - Stc, Flyeah dylan i think the misfits ripped off maiden hahaha
  • Greg from Marion, IaGiven that this song was not released on an album in 1979, but as a b-side), it's first official album release would have been in 1985, when Legacy of Brutality was released.


  • Damien from Chicago, IlThis song was released on the Night of the Living Dead EP in 1979. Not 1985. The band broke up in 1983.
  • Bmg from Detroit, Milet's clear up a few misconceptions about this song. first, it is from 1979, b side to night of the living dead. and true, cult and exploitation film is an inspiring force for much of the misfits titles and even imagery (their skull logo is from the film 'crimson ghost', their name is from a very intense (at least the horse breaking scene) Marilyn Monroe film) but even when they take imagery or quote titles, they mutate and pervert it with a wonderfully sick sense of humor, and a love for the bizarre underbelly of American pop culture and always some non sequitur weird horror poetry. example, "she", where 3/4 of the song is about Patty Hearst and the imagery caught on film at the Hibernia bank heist, and the remaining part is about sin & sex. so to say that because the title of the film was used for this song, that this is about the 1968 film I just think misses the essence of the misfits and of this song. it may reference some of the energy of the film, but this is a song about being a punk teenager and getting your ass kicked by vanilla jock types for having a devil lock or mohawk or whatever. or of middle aged people, parents, teachers, store owners of looking down at the rebellious and individualistic youth as stupid, anti social or violent. judging you negatively for being different. and in classic glenn danzig fashion, if he is hurt by something, he will hurt back. so to all those who judge him, he has a whole day of torture planned for them.
  • Bad Fish from Niagara Falls, NyThe Misfit's broke up in early 1983, so how did this song come out in 1985. It's also an early song by them too, before all the ghoul make up/ right before Walk Amoung Us came out.
  • Douglas from Waterloo1. This song = 1985. Maiden's = 1983. Therefore, Iron Maiden's predates the Misfits'.
    2. If you look at the lyrics to this song, you see that they actually have nothing to do with the movie, at all. That is, unless the WW2 movie is about wandering around the city streets at night ...
    3. This is still actually a really solid song.
  • B-rye from Naperville, IlNo, that Iron Maiden song came out after this song.
  • Dylan from Perth, AustraliaIts actually an Iron Maiden song.
  • Billy from Otway, OhThe Misfits Are One Of The Greatest Punk Groups Ever,Especially The Song Brain Eaters.
  • Graham from North Bay, CanadaThey even named themselves after a movie, The Misfits, which was Marilyn Munroe's final film
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