Don't Let Daddy Kiss Me


  • A rare ballad by Motörhead, their frontman Lemmy wrote this song about a girl who is sexually abused by her father when he goes up stairs to kiss her goodnight. She's frightened and filled with guilt, afraid to say anything because she knows they would take him away if she did. She prays to God, but it does no good.
  • In his autobiography White Line Fever, Lemmy wrote about how he wanted a female singer to record this. "I wrote that one on my own and I'd had it for three years in my pocket," he wrote. "I offered it to everybody - Lita Ford, Joan Jett - 'cause I thought a girl should sing it but no one ever took it up. They would hear the song and say, 'I love it! I must sing it, you've got to let me have that song!" And then three weeks later the manager would call and say, 'No.' So I would up singing it myself."
  • Guitarist Phil Campbell says he fell asleep while recording the solo. "We'd been working on Bastards for months, and I was borrowing cool guitars from C.C. DeVille, and there was so much pressure on us," he said in his Songfacts interview. "We were really intense on the writing and the production and the songwriting and the playing. I was so tired that when I did the solo, I feel asleep, apparently, right before the end, and I played the last note, and Howard [producer Howard Benson] tapped me on the shoulder, and said, 'OK Phil. The solo's great' - while I was asleep with my head on the table. My guitar is in the Nashville tuning in the second and third verses - odd little bits. But I'm really proud of that song. A fantastic song."


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