Fish Out of Water

Album: The New Game (2008)
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  • Frontman and lyricist Chad Gray told Artist Direct that the work that producer Dave Fortman did on this track explains why after he produced Lost and Found in 2005, they got him to helm The New Game. Explained Grey: "The instrument separation that he comes up with is amazing, and it allows the song just to be. Especially like you're talking about - listening to the music on headphones - you can pick one instrument and listen to it through the whole song. It's right there in your face, and it's almost like you can reach out and touch it. That's f--kin' Dave Fortman. That's his production skill and style. He's a fifth member really. Dave is the f--kin' Bob Rock of our band [Laughs]—without all the extra bullshit that came with that. He's really diplomatic. He's a really rad guy. He brings a lot to the table for sure."
  • Gray told Artist Direct that this song's classic rock vibe demonstrates the way Mudvayne are evolving. He explained: "The thing about those types of songs too is that people think that we're really getting away from L.D.50 and stuff like that, being the 'math metal' band that we were dubbed or whatever. I don't know if it was self-proclaimed or what. If you listen to the rhythms within the music, it's still f--kin' whacky. We've just gotten slicker about how we do things. We can transition better from part to part. The rhythms are still really weird. The chord structures are really odd. The picking patterns on that song alone are ridiculous. They're awesome."


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