Thank You For The Venom

Album: Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge (2004)
Charted: 71
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  • This song is about people who come to your door preaching about God and trying to get you to believe in what they believe, but you just want them to leave you alone: "Give me a reason to believe, preach all you want but who's gonna save me?" >>
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    Rhiannon - Manchester, England
  • The words, "Merci Pour Le Venin" appear on the inside cover of the 2002 My Chemical Romance album I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love. The phrase is French for "Thank You For The Venom." >>
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    Adam - Cut Off, LA
  • During an interview with Rock AAA, guitarist Ray Toro said: "Of our own riffs with My Chemical Romance one of the one's I'm most proud of is 'Thank You For the Venom.' I don't know how I came up with that as I was just moving my fingers around one night and finishing off four notes in and thinking where I could go next."

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  • Beetle from AustraliaMy idea about the song is that the demolition lover has hunted down a drug dealer to a church, and he finds out it's one of the local nuns. Here him and the nun have a shoot out. The demo lover is kinda insane though and is able to laugh off any bullet wounds. As the demo lover goes in for the kill the nun tries to convince him to not hurt her, that god may have mercy if he shows it. But he's fixated on his own god, helena, so he kills her.
    I dunno, it's weird and random
  • Dano from CzechiaI've just connect this song to homophobia cuz I've heard it right after this piece of s--t politician said a lot of homophobic s--t in the parliament, especially the chorus stuck with me, it quite well represents my feelings toward my country, like, give me all your poison, give me all your venom, I want all the horrible s--t that you have to offer, but you'll just never make me leave.
  • SilverThis sounds like a RWBY song and I love it because of that
  • Bubble Nugget from UsaI listened to this song on my way to New Mexico and I was researching more about billy the kid so I think I’ve eternally connect the song to cowboys and old western times.
  • Jay from U.s.a.This song makes me think of people trying to make you something your not.
    I used to spend a lot of time with people who would try and get me to do things that I didn't agree with. But if I didn't they would insult me, exclude me, and talk about me behind my back. Then it would start over again. I don't know why I kept going back to them. Maybe I was just desperate for a friend. But this song (among others) helped me find the courage to stand up for myself after I became fed up with it.
  • Jonah from Calgary, AbI first heard this song while getting over a breakup (insert emo comment here. go ahead, I'm used to it). I have to say, for some reason it helped to cheer me up and I'm gad I found it. MCR is a great band and I do believe that they have saved people's lives with their music.

    BTW, I'm not against emo's at all, they're people too and everyone get's those feelings every once and a while
  • Sky from Jersey City, Njyea no kidding @ Ashli but anywayyyyy this song rocks
  • Ashli from Chicago, Illol @ jennifer
    honestly, that line reminded me of harry potter, too.
  • Jennifer from Liberty, ScI know this has nothing to do with anything but it reminds me of harry potter when it says "black is the kiss the touch of the serpent son, it aint the mark or the scar that makes you one" lol anyways my fav line is "preach all you want but whos gonna save me? I keep a gun on the book you gave me, hallelujah lock & load!!" to me it means religion & relying on god is fine and dandy for some but as for me ill protect & help myself instead of crying out to someone who doesnt usually lend a hand.
  • Jeni from Belfast, IrelandThis song was a way for them to make a statement about the music scene at the time.Everyone was gripping on the white hope of emo and MCR did not want to be associated with this because they despise that scene.
    its also about feeling the pressure of being famous and people telling them that they were gunna be the next big thing.
    the line "I wouldnt front the scene if you paid me" is them saying they dont give a s**t about the money-making agenda.

    I got this straight from Kerrang! Gerard Way said that himself.
  • V-starr from ??????, MiI LOVE this song! usaly i like album vesrons of songs better then the live Life On The Murder Scene's verson kicks ass!
  • Z from Somewhere Over The Rainbow, WaI have an obbsession with this song more than most of the other songs in the Three Cheers CD. I think this song is about a man who was in the Nazi army who tries to escape his past through pills, and who just wants to die. The church tries to use him as an example (like, 'if God took mercy on this man in the war and let him live, though he was a Nazi soldier, why not you?') and tries to make him join, but he is against what they believe and what they think unless he has proof that it's the right thing to do. ~~Ta~~
  • Morphine from London, EnglandThis has amazing lyrics.

    Whenever i hear this song it puts me on a high.
  • Morgan from Gresham, Ormy favorite song, and even tho im a christian i TOTALLY agree with what the song is saying. i hate those hypocritical christian steryotype. i used to be best friends with one. it sucked.
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