Strip Me

Album: Strip Me (2010)
Charted: 91


  • This is the title track and second single from British pop/R&B singer Natasha Bedingfield's third studio album. The song was produced by the lead singer of OneRepublic, Ryan Tedder and appears also on the soundtrack of the movie Morning Glory.
  • Bedingfield explained the album title to Shelley of Goom Radio "I named it 'Strip Me' because it's a little contrast to the stuff that's out there that's very gimmicky. It's much more real and raw musically."
  • Bedingfield told Billboard magazine: "It's called 'Strip Me' because it's just about getting back to the basics - stripping away all the veneers and gimmicks we usually see in pop music."
  • The song's music video was helmed by with photographer and director Kathie Rankin. It features the singer in multiple outfits before she singer rolls around in the mud and paint. The message behind the clip is, Natasha Bedingfield is who she is, appearances and pretences aside.

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  • Scott from Brisbane, AustraliaThe less is more version really show what a great singer Natasha is. Check her vocal range videos on Youtube. Love this song and it's progression. Lyrical and poetic - that line 'all it takes is one voice' is stunningly beautiful.
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