Album: Tearing at the Seams (2018)


  • The opening track of Tearing At The Seams finds Nathaniel Rateliff crooning lyrics off the top of his head. He recalled to NPR how his random singing met the approval of producer Richard Swift.

    "The guys just played it a few times and I drunkenly stumbled in and was like, 'Sounds good if you blabbity bloo.' I got a lot of rolling eyes and then I went back into the sound booth and they just did a couple more takes. Then, Richard was like 'Why don't you guys come in here and listen?' And that's what this is."

    Keyboardist Mark Shusterman added: "We didn't think that when we were going to go in and listen that we were like, going to listen to a song that was done for the record. We were like: 'Oh yeah, I mean all of our instruments sound good.' Richard is so good at making things sound good right off the bat. I haven't worked with a ton of producers, but you don't hear that often."


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