Copy Of A

Album: Hesitation Marks (2013)
  • This burbling Techno tune was debuted by Nine Inch Nails at Fuji Rock Festival in July 2013. It was then played as the opening song at the band's other 2013 festival shows including Chicago's Lollapalooza and San Francisco's Outside Lands.
  • Though frontman Trent Reznor hates discussing the meaning of his songs, he revealed to The Sun the pivotal moment for this stark, electro track. "Over the last few years," he explained, "I've found a level of comfort, completeness and fulfillment from things I would have dismissed at earlier points in my life as being boring and mundane."

    "I'm referring to family life," Reznor continued, "spending time at home, being centered somewhere, loving somebody and feeling love toward a child."

    "Before, I was trying to find the most extreme things I could experience. Then I found myself questioning these new feelings. Is this real? Am I really feeling this or am I allowing what's been indoctrinated in me through society and media?"

    "Have I given up? That's where the initial feeling in the song came from."


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