Forbidden Fruit

Album: Together With Music (1916)


  • According to Cole Lesley, one of Noël Coward's many biographers (and echoing Coward himself), "Forbidden Fruit" was the songwriter, playwright and author's first completely integrated song, but "though a remarkable achievement for a sixteen-year-old, as is its...cynicism...[it] had to wait thirty-seven years for publication" in The Noel Coward Song Book.
    Coward appears to have written the song as an audition piece, and it was actually used as such in the 1968 film Star! in which he was portrayed by Daniel Massey.
  • It is also known as/subtitled "Every Peach" or "It's The Peach". In spite of its late publication, it was used in the 1924 revue Yoiks! at the Kingsway Theatre, London.
    The theme is obvious from the title, and even allowing for the youthfulness of its composer, it is something on the risqué side. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Alexander Baron - London, England, for above 2


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