Album: Broken Machine (2017)
  • The lead single from Broken Machine this finds Conor Mason singing of leaving "my heart in Amsterdam." A number of artists covering a smorgasbord of genres have recorded songs titled after the Dutch city. They include Coldplay, Crowded House, Rick Ross, Peter, Bjorn and John, Ronnie Hilton and Max Bygraves.
  • Speaking about "Amsterdam" on Mistajam's BBC Radio 1 show, Nothing But Thieves said:

    "It was inspired by our love of direct, guttural choruses. It's like Conor is spitting the words in your face. It's visceral and has momentum but also this beautiful moment in the middle which feels like a break in a sea storm.

    We didn't have all the pieces before going in to the studio and this was one of the tracks that really came alive during the recording progress. It pretty much demanded to be our first song back."

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  • Carl from Norfolk, VaAccording to the lead guitarist, Joseph, the song had everything to do with the band having such a successful career ahead of them, & the grim possibilities of the band breaking up after the first tour. This was because donor was struggling with his own demons, & was really not driving the lifestyle that came with touring. This all came to light after wrapping up their visit to Amsterdam. The song is very personal to the whole band as to how close they came to never be. Conor sought treatment & obviously came to terms. That is exactly what "I left my heart in Amsterdam" stands for. If any of you guys (NBT) ever read this stuff, we are grateful you're still going. Love your music. I'm 49, & still going with the times. Conor, I know that voice makes those panties soaked.
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