Friendly Fire

Album: Nothing More (2014)
  • This was inspired by a falling out that Nothing More singer Jonny Hawkins had with his cousin. "There are people who like to talk about others behind their backs because it makes them a feel a certain way," he explained to Artist Direct. "I think it gives them a sense of power they may not otherwise feel in their everyday lives. Some get addicted to that."

    "I love my cousin," he continued. "We were good friends growing up. At some point, her, I would call it an addiction, to gossip spread to me even though we were on good terms. We loved each other, but it got to the point where I had Nothing More fans sending me messages worrying about me since they were getting this weird information from her. She was much more religious just like other parts of my life. She was really concerned with morals and their view of morals whether it comes to smoking weed or just having a drink. It's a big deal to someone who's really religious. She started talking behind my back. It turned into me having to defend myself in a very awkward situation where we could've talked face-to-face if she had an issue with me."

    "The song is about those kinds of people who are too cowardly to talk to your face, but they'll talk all day behind your back," Hawkins concluded. "They're addicted to it because it gives them a high and they get off on spreading information without you being there to defend yourself and give the other side of the story. She's not my enemy. She's someone I grew up with and loved. That's why it's called 'Friendly Fire.'"


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